So, you’re planning out your big day and have finally hit the inevitable snag: the wedding dress. It’s easier to pick out things like funky table toppers or snazzy makeup designs for your bridesmaids than it is to find something to wear to your own wedding. It happens to every soon-to-be bride, but those looking for something other than the mundane hit a real crisis when wedding dress shopping.

Maybe white isn’t your color or you prefer something relaxed to the often-stiff designs of the wedding industry. Perhaps you’re a little too mature for the whole “princess bride” theme. Whatever the case, you’re looking for the non-traditional, the unique, and the unusual.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here some gorgeously strange ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you pick out the perfect dress.

Bold Is Better

Bold falls on a spectrum between elegant and in-your-face designs. Wherever you fall in-between, there are a number of ways to pull this look off while wowing your guests (not to mention your significant other).

For a more elegant appeal, sheer dresses that drape down past your feet are an excellent place to start. Thro in something beaded or laden with rhinestones and you’ll shimmer your way down the aisle like the free spirit you are.

Adventurous bold looks come in all sorts of colors and styles. You might want something with rainbow sequins to match a bubblegum candy buffet. Recent runways featured several metallic dresses complete with metallic dresses and larger than life mohawks. The sky’s the limit here

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The Time Traveler

As time marches on, what used to be fashionable fades into the realm of unusual. Forget whatever style was so 2003 and step back further to embrace something wholly unique. Have you considered a dress-coat from the 60’s, a wrap dress from the 70’s, or something that speaks to a simpler time when a wedding dress didn’t have to be a white gown?

There are dozens of unique styles that seem to be lost in the era they were crafted, which works to your advantage. Nothing says unique like rocking a historic look on your big day.

The Boho Bride

Has Boho every really gone out of style? Of course not, which is why it makes for a highly unusual yet all too satisfying look on your wedding day. Long, flowing, and comfortable as ever, you can choose from the thousands of styles available online.

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Of course, you could always opt for something that simply cannot be confined by definition. Vera Wang meshes the traditional with high-class fashion to create something, well, hard to describe. While no single word can pinpoint this style, it is certainly a marvel to behold.