Sports fans hardly differ in race, gender or practically any other socially imposed qualification. While everyone is accepted in the name of the game, there are just a few distinctions that might make it more difficult for friends and family to guess just the right gift for the next holiday or birthday.

Read on and get inspired by some of the top gift ideas for female sports fans, even though some apply to sports fans in general. After all, there isn’t any NFL fanatic, regardless of their gender, who wouldn’t like to have a copy of Super Bowl Gold: 50 Years of the Big Game by editors of Sports Illustrated.

  • Your Own Ballpark

Fans often get a feeling of nostalgia for not being able to go to their favorite team’s game and visit the ballpark. While this is usually a temporary situation and isn’t likely to last too long, having it at home is definitely better.

On the other hand, you may need to consider dipping into your pockets a bit, both for good wood and a skilled craftsman. It’s definitely more complicated than getting something for your i-gaming friend’s birthday. With entire casino floors turning digital, you could simply foot the deposit for any online slots promotion at a reputable operator and let them into their own ballpark.

  • A Logo Press

There is no doubt that, like any other faithful fan, your girlfriend that is into sports is bound to have a shirt or two with the logo of her favorite team. However, there is still a place where she hasn’t thought to mark her own – her sandwiches and waffles. Now, there are special toaster presses with custom logos that personalize your every meal.

  • Pacifiers for Comfort

As it has just been pointed out, team logos have found their way to the most unusual places, and one of them is the usual baby pacifiers. These items are made with wider plastic in order to have room for all details in the logo’s design and are normally intended for that one friend that happens to fight and complain whenever their team loses a game. If it happens to be the ‘guys girl’ in the gang, there is nothing like a pacifier to comfort her.

  • Cookie Cutters

If your female sports buddy enjoys sweets rather than sandwiches, there is always a chance to give her a different ‘logo maker’. Cookie cutters nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, starting from a football helmet, through a tennis racket, all the way to the unique baseball bat set of your dreams. Just warn your friend to get the cookie dough ready, so you too can get a taste of the themed cookies.

  • Wine Opener Made with Game Used Bat

If you want your gift to be classy, yet still sporty, you can try giving your female sports co-fan a wine opener. The ones made nowadays tend to contain a piece of wood from authentic bats used by Major League Baseball players, with wood carvings to back their claim.