Go through this article if you would like to increase your chances of succeeding at online casinos. Here, we will present you with everything that will help you win most of the slot games and you can also use the free bonus cash to your advantage.

1. Select games with smallest jackpots

It will be sensible to select those games having the smallest jackpots to enhance your chances of winning at slots out there. In fact, it would be easy to win if the jackpot is smaller. A bigger jackpot will make it challenging for you to hit and you will end up losing in the short term. Creating the huge jackpots consume a considerable amount of playing time which can make your possibilities of winning low.

2. Go for a fixed maximum payout

While some video slots come with a fixed optimum payout, the others feature progressive jackpots which imply that they have got a meter that is responsible for increasing the jackpot every time you play with no return. The jackpot will be higher in case individuals play more casino games. Progressive games appear to be the most lucrative because of the high return. However, there is a significant drawback with progressive games which is that these are all linked together in most of the online casinos.

A huge number of individuals play now for this huge jackpot amount which makes your possibilities of winning much lower on a progressive game. This applies for the jackpot amount and also for the possibilities of winning any smaller amount as well. As a result, it will be better to go for those games having a fixed optimum payout and also avoid playing on progressive games having huge jackpots.

3. Stay away from video reels

There is no doubt about the fact that slot machines featuring videos appear more attractive to the gamers. However, these machines will pay back much lesser as compared to the normal machines. The return can be anything as much as 5% which is nominal although it is a huge amount for the slots. Why is it so? The time taken to display videos and other entertainment features on the slots is much more. The casino will not make any profits while this is going on. Therefore, the machines are programmed to take a bit more cash from the clients while they are playing. It will be sensible to go for the traditional slot machines for improving your return.

4. Play more and spend less

If your budget is $50, there is no point of playing $10 slot spins. This is because you will run out of your cash even before you have started. Rather, go for the small $1 slot spins which will help to make the game session more enjoyable and longer too. You’ll also get 50 chances to collect money while playing $1 spins, whereas it will be possible to have only 5 shots at picking up any cash while playing $10 slot spins.


Having mentioned all these above-mentioned tips, you should also remember that an effectual real money slots strategy is imperative to enhance your possibilities of winning. Use the bonuses and other special offers to your advantage, perform your homework, and also go through the pay tables to figure out the method of winning at slot games.