Football season is upon us… and if you’re a true fan you’re likely throwing together a fantasy football draft party. This event that comes each autumn is no longer just for the boys. Here’s how you can kick off football season with your family, your girls, and your team.


With any good party, it starts with a proper invitation. No. Talking to your gals by the water cooler at work and inviting them to your draft will not suffice — and neither will a Facebook invite. Check out, as they specialize in good ol’ fashioned paper invitations. Pingg has a variety of football-themed paper invites that can be customized to fit your fantasy football party in addition to e-vites. When your team makes it to the Super Bowl this season, you can send out your Super Bowl party invites, too!

Decor & More

Deck out your house in your team swag this season. One way to show your spirit is by hanging your team’s flag outside of your home. has a large selection of NFL team flags, from the Arizona Cardinals to the Tennessee Titans. If one flag is just not enough, check out Sports Unlimited, the online retailer has NFL branded merchandise, including coffee tables, clocks, blankets, door mats, picture frames and more. Forget the man cave, this is your cave! Decorate it from top to bottom with your team’s colors.


Don’t leave your guests hungry. Be sure to provide a spread of bites and libations at your fantasy football party. Cook up traditional tailgate eats like burgers, hot dogs and seven-layer dip with a modern spin. Serve sliders like turkey, veggie and black bean, to keep it light instead of serving greasy burgers. Think small when it comes to hot dogs and prepare bite-sized mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon, seasoned with garlic, ginger and honey. Yummly has a great mini hot dog recipe to try this season. Instead of making a large, unmanageable pan of seven-layer dip this season, consider individual servings. Recipe mavens Six Sisters, suggest using plastic tumblers for the dip and garnishing it with a single chip.

Winner Takes All

No fantasy football season is complete without an awards ceremony. Many fantasy footballers add a touch of humor to their awards, like giving the person with the worst season a trophy, for example. But you don’t have to wait until the end of the football season to give out your own unique set of awards. In fact, they don’t have to be awards at all. Give your team a gift basket filled with goodies to kick off the season. Choose from decadent chocolates or opt for something healthier, such as a basket full of fruit. Not only do Fantasy Footballers have the chance to win big, courtesy of the NFL, you can set up your own pool during draft time and collect a set dollar amount from each member of your draft. At the end, the winner takes all. Choose your brackets wisely ladies!

Find the Fans

When it comes to finding like-minded fans in your area, you may need a new game plan. This is especially true for displaced fans, like a Seattle 12 living in Arizona’s Red Sea. Not to worry, the Fanatic app has got your back. Simply download the app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and find sports bars packed with your team’s fans in your area.