Women are in the minority of sports fans, and as such, face a whole host of struggles specific to that gender. From the silly to the serious, there are a bunch of these issues that women face every day.

Ever wonder what it’s like for female sports fans? Here are our struggles.

First up, the awkward feeling when your friends aren’t into the game or sport as much as you are. Maybe you’re trying to introduce them to it, or simply watching a game with them. Suddenly, you’ll be met with wide-eyed stares when you start shouting and performing your victory dance.

There’s nothing more infuriating than hearing your friends accuse you of only being into your chosen sport to talk to men. Plenty of women love sports, and you don’t have to be introduced to it by a man or only like it because of them … try explaining this to your friends while not wanting to bite their heads off. If you do try the latter, then at least they won’t make that mistake again.

The nicknames for female fans are particularly demeaning and annoying. Instead of Puck Bunny, why can’t people just say fan? This is only a close second to the dreaded soccer mom if your kids also play your favorite sport.

Every girl knows the pain of being taken away into the kitchen on Thanksgiving when you just want to watch sports like everyone else. This invariably leads to words like “Tomboy” and “unladylike” when you ask why — not that you ever cared about either of these. It was even worse if you had a male sibling that wasn’t interested in sports but was still allowed to sit and watch them, or play on PayPal casinos online, while you helped your female relatives set the table.

The condescending attitude of male fans is another pet peeve, especially when they’re shocked that you know more about the sport than they do. Some even feel the need for an impromptu quiz to determine if you’re a true fan or simply pretending.

Sports merchandise for women is so far removed from the actual team’s uniform. Replacing any colour with pink and adding gemstones seems to be what the manufacturers think we want for some strange reason.

Finally, being accused of only being interested in the sport because it’s soccer or football season makes our blood boil. We’re fans year-round, and men don’t face the same criticism nearly as often.

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