Let’s face it – you’re not one to pamper yourself.  Your usual version of relaxing “me” time involves watching Netflix in your jammies and painting your nails.  You may take a bubble bath occasionally, but that’s where it ends.

When you hear the words “spa day” you think of a different kind of woman perhaps.  That is…until you have a spa day yourself and realize that it’s like a super luxurious reset button on your whole life, and you vow to never make fun of people who get facials or have regular appointments with their masseuse again.

It’s the dead of winter, the holidays are done, football season is over and you’re likely long overdue for a little pampering.

But just in case you’re still not convinced, keep reading to see if any of these signs apply to you.

Your Skin Feels Like a Dragon

Winter is brutal on skin.  The dry air combined with indoor heating and those long, hot showers you take zap the moisture from your skin, leaving it tight and flaky and rough.  Regardless of how “girly” you are about your appearance, you can’t ignore your skin looking and feeling gross.  And on top of that, if your skin becomes so dry that it starts to crack, you give germs an easier entry into your body, making you more vulnerable to infections.

So, keeping your skin in good shape isn’t just about looking good, but about maintaining your health as well.  Get yourself to a spa and opt for an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment that will slough away all the dead, dry skin and put precious moisture back in.  Keep that up by using body and facial scrubs in the shower and moisturizing afterwards.  You’ll look and feel much better for it, I promise.

You’re Tired All The Time

Yes, it’s normal for busy, working adults to be tired.  It’s just a fact of modern life.  But if you’re finding yourself fantasizing about naps and thinking about what crimes you’d commit for one more hour of sleep in the morning, it’s time to take action. Your exhaustion could be due to things like not drinking enough water, your diet or lack of vitamins, but part of the problem could be your stress levels.

It’s hard to rest well when we’re wracked with worry and tension during our waking hours.  In addition to the daily practices that can help keep stress in check, it’s important to take mini holidays from the chaos.  Giving yourself an entire day just to sit back and be pampered will help ease the pressure and give you back some precious energy for tackling the problems at hand.

You Groan Every Time You Stand Up

There’s no delicate way to put this:  As we age, our bodies just don’t behave as they used to.  You start feeling strains and soreness in muscles you didn’t know you had and you hear yourself making sounds your grandpa makes when he gets up from the recliner.  No good.

Getting a good massage on a somewhat regular basis can go a long way in addressing that.  Look for spas that have a variety of massages available and do a bit of research to find out which kind would be the most beneficial for you based on what your body is telling you.  Not only is healthy, therapeutic touch excellent for your mind, but it helps relieve the physical manifestation of stress in our bodies, and has even been shown to boost immunity, help you sleep better and battle depression.  There’s really no reason not to get a massage when life gets hard.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Did Something For You

If you’re the type that never stops giving and taking care of those around you, it’s time to recharge your batteries.  Whether you have a job that requires helping people, you have kids or just naturally tend to the needs of your loved ones, you know that it can get taxing.  No matter how generous you are though, at some point it feels like you have nothing more to give.

That’s when you know that you’d better schedule in time for yourself.  Though it may feel a bit weird at first to have people fussing over you while you sit there and get pampered, that feeling will quickly melt away as the hands of your masseuse or aesthetician go to work.

You’re Always Connected

Ask yourself this:  When was the last time you spent even an hour without looking at a smart phone, tablet, computer screen or TV?  It’s probably hard to remember.  These days, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re connected, and it’s simply not healthy.  The constant barrage of texts, e-mails, social media updates and calls can wreak serious havoc on your psyche.

One excellent benefit of spending a few hours in a spa is that it gives you a few hours in which no one can reach you.  You can’t very well respond to an e-mail or get Facebook jealousy while you’re soaking in mud, can you?  You’ll be surprised at just how good you feel after an afternoon of letting your brain rest and be quiet.

It’s time to accept it, ladies…you’re owed a day of treating yourself.  It’s not selfish and it’s not frivolous.  A few well-chosen spa treatments can rejuvenate your body and mind when life starts to feel a little out of control.

spa day authorAbout the Author: Maureen Lampert is a style & culture writer who frequently contributes to several online publications.  She’s also the VP of Lester Lampert Jewelry in Chicago and the chairperson of the Oak Street Chicago Council, an association of shops, salons and businesses in the Windy City’s fashionable Gold Coast neighborhood. And she’s obviously a serious proponent of a good spa day.  To learn more, check out OakstreetChicago.com.