Passing a driving test can be nerve-wracking for anyone. After all, you need to study hard and you need to make sure you understand all the rules of the road so that you can successfully pass the test and get your driver’s license. Plus, you are typically under a lot of pressure because of your own expectations of yourself, as well as the expectations that others may have about you.

But recent research has shown women take longer to pass their driving tests. Wonder why? Continue reading to learn more.

What the Research Shows

It turns out women need, on average, 21 lessons on driving and driver safety before they are able to pass the test, compared to 17 lessons that required by men.

The research also showed that men are more likely to be able to pass the driving test the first time they take it. Under 54 per cent of males needed to take the driving test again in order to pass, but 57 percent of the women taking the driving test had to take it a second time before they were successful.

The research involved 3,000 drivers, and it also revealed that men are likely to pass the driving test around the age of 19, but an average woman needs to take the test so many times that she ends up finally passing when she is 20 years old. Over 1 in 20 women were 31+ years old before they finally got behind the wheel of a car.

Women Suffer from Greater Levels of Anxiety

Another interesting fact that the research proved was that women also suffer from anxiety and nervousness more than men when they need to take their driving exams. A whopping 92 percent of women said they felt terror before taking the test while only 78 percent of men felt that way. Also, 27 percent of the women taking the exam apologized throughout the duration of the test because they were so nervous.

This could definitely play a role in women’s ability to keep a clear head and maintain focus throughout the exam. After all, if you’re too nervous during a test, you may easily forget everything that you studied, and that could cause you to make mistakes along the way.

Preparing for Better Results

Women can gain more confidence when it comes to taking their driver’s test by simply preparing with the help of driving theory books and practice tests. Understanding the theory behind driving could give them the confidence and knowledge to pass not only the written part of the driver’s license exam but also the behind-the-wheel road test as well. In this way, women can be more calm and confident going into the test, and this could certainly increase their odds of succeeding the first time like so many men do.

Even though women have difficulty passing their driving tests, it doesn’t reflect how well they end up driving when they are out on the open road.


Featured image via Sonjernik