Although the business has lots of opponents around the world, online gambling is here to stay. Even the most inflexible governments – think the United States – often consider regulating the industry. In some parts of the world (Europe, especially) online gambling is considered a completely legitimate online service, and it’s regulated at a community level. This means that sooner or later you might stumble upon a special offer to start the fun with $/€100 free at the Vegas Palms Casino, and you’ll have to decide whether you take it or not.

First of all, give it a try

First of all, you’ll need to find out whether the whole online gambling thing is for you. This seems simple at first sight: you can head over to the Vegas Palms, and try any or all of its games with absolutely no strings attached. All the free games listed on the Vegas Palms website are exactly the same ones you can play for real, so trying them without committing any cash to the cause will offer you the same experience as the one after you register.

Of course, playing the same games with a real stake is different.

Make sure you WANT to play for real

Gambling games are fun to play even if you do it with no money involved. This is the reason why the social version of the online gambling business is thriving. Day after day, social casino apps like Slotomania and Big Fish Casino are played by millions on their smartphones, turning them into some of the most profitable mobile apps in the long run. For some, playing these games without a real stake is a perfect choice. Sometimes, they can even help recovering gambling addicts fighting their condition. For others, they are simply a way to have fun online, or practice playing games before giving the real thing a try.

Before you decide to become a real money online casino player, or you live in a country still working on an online gambling regulation, consider trying these social casino apps.

If you decide to give it a go

Before you dive in, make sure you know who are you playing at. There are many online gambling venues out there – some more serious, others a bit more flippant. Thanks to the comprehensive regulations, the number of these “flippant” operators has been reduced considerably, but there can still be some out there looking to take your money. Before choosing your gaming venue, make sure to do your homework: there are quite a few reliable sources and online communities out there pointing out any foul play from the start.