Taking a golf holiday for fitness

Perhaps you’re planning to take on a sports holiday off your tedious routines. That’s alright! While people think of cycling, football, and other involving sports, they often overlook golfing as a fitness sporting. Of course, the sport may not appear particularly physical. However, success in this challenging sport is dependent on a number of fitness components. Whether you’re getting ready for a golfing experience in Spain for your next golf holiday package or vacation, you’ll love to know how the sport keeps one fit.

Golfing will increase your flexibility

When taking on a golf swing, particularly the drive off the tee, you’ll realize that one requires a large degree of rotation from the shoulders down to the hips and spine. Golfing will, therefore, increase your flexibility. Stretching before taking on the swing will definitely boost your fitness to taking a correct shot.

Golfing requires a great core stability

Most people think that a good golfing swing comes from the arms and shoulders. That’s wrong. Contrary to this impression, a perfect golf swing comes from the core. Well, the core is a collective term describing the muscles of the waist, abdomen and the lower back. The rotational force of these muscles is actually responsible for generating the power in a golf swing. This exercise sees to it that you have fewer chances of lower back injury.

Burning calories

Covering 30 to 200 acres in golfing will mean a lot of walking. Skipping the golf cart can averagely give you more than 7 kilometers walk in a single game. Carrying your clubs along will even burn you more calories. On average, all the walking, swinging and carrying burn the golfer up to 1000 calories in a single game!

Golfing will keep your heart rate up

When playing golf, you’re basically keeping the heart exercised. All the walking, carrying and swinging definitely keeps your heart engaged; increasing the blood flow and heart rates. Naturally, this will get rid of things like cholesterol levels.

Golfing can be good for your brain

Golfing keeps the heart engaged and the circulation of blood all over the body is well enhanced. This ensures there’s enough flow of blood in the brain. Golfing will, hence, stimulate and improve the nerve cell connections that delays mental illness such as dementia. In trying to be the best, the challenge boosts self-esteem and mental alacrity. This keeps the brain active.

Golfing for better sleep

Getting into a bit of exercise makes your body tired and calling for a good rest. Golfing involves both physical strength and mental concentration making one more exhausted. Normally, golfers fall asleep faster in a more profoundly manner as a result of a large amount of energy expended. Golfing will significantly reduce your stress; giving you better sleep when taking rest.