As you know, men and women for long time sort things out of the positions of each sex in any sphere of activity. The beautiful half of mankind has successfully mastered many professions previously considered the domain of men, learned to drive car, and so on (and do it better by the way). The representatives of the strong half of mankind is also not lagging behind and win back from women rights to do what men had never been done before. But how things work in the field of gambling?

Traditionally, it was believed that gambling – business of a men. In accordance with traditional stereotypes, women are rarely attracted to such occupation\hobby, not prone to adventure and do not know how to play casino games well. In fact, the actual situation in many countries of the world can surprise supporters of this point of view.

You can always see a woman in a casino. However, for a sometime among the visitors of these establishments men began to dominate, and women are usually just make them company. This fact was the basis for the view that men play gambling games much stronger than women, because men practice more often. Moreover, according to the observations of the casino townsfolk, ladies prefer slot machines, leaving the game at the tables to the men. This gave reason to believe that women are not able to effectively follow the game strategy, manage a bankroll and keep themselves in their hands during the game.

There is also an opinion that women are simply too reasonable and stingy to lose money or even risk them. However, a study by Harvard researchers led by Larry Tervendera showed that the failure of the beautiful half of mankind to play well in the casino – it’s just a myth created by men.

They conducted an experiment in which forty thousand men and women from different countries have played in various casinos in all sorts of games, initially received the same amount of money. The results surprised the researchers, because women have won more money than the men did. Moreover, women played a much more aggressive and made more bets. However, they chose the best moment when to stop the game and more skillfully managed the bankroll. As the advantage for the women also played their more developed intuition.

Despite the fact that women appear in the walls of the casino much less, they play even harder than men. Not sitting out for hours at the tables, playing poker, blackjack and roulette, they are often well aware of the nuances of the rules and strategies. This suggests that many of them are addicted to the game in online casinos, allowing quench the thirst of passion at any time. Moreover, such an approach makes it possible to approach the game more thoroughly, first learn the basics in the free version. That is, women really suitable for the case more thoroughly and judiciously, but it definitely has a positive effect on the result of the game.

In general, if we talk about gambling on the world level, women have every chance to get ahead of men in this area.

And please remember! Whatever you do it is very important to share this with your family and loved ones. It is especially important to do this when it comes to hobbies in which the financial risk present in high numbers. Explain to the family that it is just a fad, and, most likely, they will understand you and help you. Remember, you shouldn’t keep any secrets from your family!