There’s a joke circulating online that says “A successful man is the one who makes more money than his wife can spend, and a successful woman is the one who finds such a man”. Joke aside, success today is often measured in the size of one’s bank account balance. The more money you have, the more successful you are – this is how society sees us. Sometimes, at the source of the wealth, we find inheritance. Sometimes, it’s hard work, great business decisions, and amazing negotiation skills that stands behind success. And sometimes, people win life-changing jackpots with progressive online casino games or similar ones in real life locations. So, it’s safe to say that sometimes, it’s luck. Like in the case of the women below, who proceeded to win life-changing amounts in Las Vegas.

Amy Nishimura

Becoming a millionaire is possible at any age in Las Vegas, where fortune favors the bold. Amy Nishimura, a retired Hawaiian homemaker experienced this on her own when, during one of her annual vacations in Las Vegas, she tried her luck at the Megabucks slot machine at the Fremont Hotel. She was 71 at the time – this happened in 2003.

And her win was quite unexpected. Nishimura, who prepared to celebrate her birthday in the days following her amazing win, finished eating breakfast at the Fremont and decided to play $100 on the Megabucks slot machine with a friend. She sat down, fed the machine the cash, and started playing – only to hit the jackpot halfway through her bankroll, becoming an instant millionaire.

Unnamed 68-year-old woman

Back in the late 1990s, the internet was not as widespread as it is today – so, this 67-year-old flight attendant who won a massive jackpot at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas on November 15, 1998, will remain anonymous. Her story seems to confirm the “fortune favors the bold” theory, as she only intended to put $100 into the casino’s Megabucks slot machine but ultimately ended up spending three times as much. But the result shows that it was worth it: she hit a jackpot worth $27,580,879.60, the first $20 million plus jackpot paid out by the slot machine in its history.

Johanna Huendl

74-year-old California woman Johanna Huendl was on her way to get breakfast in the morning of March 27, 2002, when she decided to give herself the chance to win big beforehand. She headed over to the Bally’s casino and fed its Megabucks slot machine around $170. Imagine her surprise when she hit a jackpot worth over $2 million. Imagine her even bigger surprise when she realized that the meter said $22 million instead of just $2.2. Her win was one of the biggest Las Vegas has ever seen.