Being asked to be the best man at your friend’s wedding is an honor and a privilege. It can also be a stressful occasion when you’re tasked with finding all of the pieces of your wardrobe, following the guidelines to ensure you’re not out of sync with the groom and others and making sure that your choices don’t overshadow the happy couple. Choosing the best and most stylish outfit within these parameters does not have to be difficult, all you need is a little bit of proper planning and foresight. We’ll review some basic tips on how you can look stylish when you’re the best man on your friend’s big day.

Don’t Overshadow Others

This is the single-biggest piece of advice that any best man must follow in order to be stylish. The big day isn’t about you, and any over-the-top fashion statements could wreak havoc on that concept. There are plenty of wedding waist coats, trousers, ties and other fashion accessories that can be considered for this specific purpose. It’s important to obtain general fashion advice and guidelines from the bride and groom before you begin shopping, as nobody wants to deal with the hassle of returning items that were purchased prematurely. As with any stylish selection, a best man should carefully work within the guidelines of the theme provided by wedding planners. This way, the attention remains where it should — on the bride and groom.

Dress for the Occasion

There are many different types of weddings. Knowing the who, what and where can help you make an informed decision. Some variables that will impact this include whether it will be a summer or a winter wedding, whether the wedding is designed to be formal or more casual, whether the wedding is a vintage-style wedding or a modern variation and whether the venue will be outdoors or indoors. All of these elements precipitate different wardrobe considerations. From the material of the suit to the various accessories that are utilized alongside it, be careful about picking an outfit before carefully considering how the venue, the season and the style of the wedding affect the process.

Keep in Mind Your Date

Are you bringing someone with you to the big event? While they won’t feature as prominently in the ceremony as you, it’s important to also coordinate attire with your date or significant other. As you mingle about the ceremony and reception, this will create an added effect of style. You don’t want to be seen in a situation where your wardrobe appears to clash with that of your date, and likewise, you don’t want to be seen as upstaging your date in any way, shape or form. One of the biggest secrets in men’s wedding attire is the ability to keep things simple and well-coordinated. By following this advice, you’ll eliminate yet another potential snag on wedding day.

By dressing for the occasion, keeping in mind how your date will be dressed and coordinating attire with the bride and groom, you’ll be able to achieve a stylish and appropriate look as best man for any wedding occasion. Let us know how you plan to handle or have handled the honor or being best man in the comments below!

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