Since lips lack oil and sweat glands, which are two of the main moisture glands and retainers in skin, they are prone to getting dry and chapped. With a range of other factors such as dry weather, cold winter air and dehydration, chapped lips can easily become a pain to deal with. For many people, putting on some lip balm, staying hydrated and staying out of the cold for a bit puts an end to their dry lip problems. However, these measures simply aren’t enough for others, and the situation gets even worse until the lips are cracked and peeling. If you’re worried about the dryness of your lips, these tips are for you.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

Licking your lips might feel like it wets them down and gives them some much needed moisture, but in fact this is not the case. Lips have either an extremely thin or completely absent outer protective layer, making them particularly vulnerable to liquid loss. This means that saliva evaporates from lips very quickly, leaving them feeling even drier and worse off than they were before. Saliva is also packed with enzymes which are designed to break down foods. Unfortunately, your lips can also be susceptible to this digestive action, and too much saliva can actually cause the skin on your lips to crack. Instead of licking your lips, carry a good lip balm with you to apply instead. Visit Beauty Plus Salon to buy lip balm beauty products for both men and women.

Take Supplements

If none of the regular advice is having any effect on your dry and chapped lips, you could be suffering from a nutritional deficiency. Iron deficiency anemia, for example, occurs when you are not getting enough iron in your diet and can lead to a whole range of different problems, with dry, cracked and chapped lips being just one. Some people may have a medical issue, which should be discussed with a doctor, but for the most part, you simply need to increase the amount of iron in your diet or take an iron supplement. Dried fruits, lean red meats and dried beans are just some foods which can help you increase your iron intake.

Staying Hydrated

Being dehydrated is also a major cause of cracked and dried lips. If you are not drinking enough water, your skin can lose its elasticity and your lips can lose their moisture. Ideally, you should be drinking around eight glasses of water per day. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can actually dehydrate you — so if you always have a cup of coffee on your desk at work, this could be one of the main reasons that your lips are so dry. Change your coffee mug for a water bottle instead and you should start to see some improvements.

Have you ever had really badly chapped lips? How did you manage to cure them and restore them to their usual softness? Let us know in the comments.


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