bb8 coffee mug

bb8 coffee mug- $13

Show up your office mates by beating them at the coffee mug game with the cutest new addition to the Star Wars universe, BB-8.

cute star wars shirt


When it comes to nerd shirts, I like to keep my classic and simple. If you’re the same, snag this style shirt that comes in a variety of designs.



I’ve never met a person wearing ridiculous slippers that I didn’t immediately like. Have that same effect with these Hobbit slippers.

instant polaroid camera

instant polaroid camera- $60

Take back the art of printed pictures with modern version of the instant Polaroid camera. Don’t forget the film!


r2d2 charger- $30

If you like to declare your fandom in subtle ways, this multi-port R2D2 wall charger is perfect for you.

8bit hair bow

8bit Hair Bow- $13

Don’t act like this ain’t cute.

han solo fridge

han solo mini fridge- $200

Talk about a conversation starter for your lame friends who have never seen Star Wars.

mario nintendo wall graphics


The ultimate way to create a geek cave without ruining the wall paint.


pokeball surprise bath bomb- $20

Colorful bath bombs are all the rage but none of them have a secret Pokemon hidden inside like these do.

harry potter candles

harry potter candles- $35 for 2

These classy and subtle Harry Potter candles are perfect for any muggle or no-maj home.


dumbledore's wand- $33

Even though this wand won’t work to obliviate 2016 from our minds, you can at least look bad ass while you try the spell out.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter- $33

Admit it: If someone bought this for you, you’d never let anyone cut the pizza ever again.

bilbo baggins pipe

bilbo baggins pipe- $69

Trust me when I say this pipe smokes like a dream.

star wars leggings

star wars leggings- $12

If you can’t rock a pair of vintage Star Wars leggings with Harrison Ford on your thigh what is life even worth.