Many people have benefited from these so-called fat burners.But, many are also suffering from its side-effects and from the fact that none of their chosen fat burner worked. We all know that these fat burners are supposed to help in one’s fat burning regimen. But are there facts behind the formulation these fat burners that seem to be hidden from the consumers’ plain sight? Check out the following surprising facts and side effects and you’ll never see fat burners the same way again.

The Surprising Facts about Fat Burners

In order to reveal the surprising facts about these fat burners, a careful look at each of its main ingredients must be done. It is highly recommended that one must first do his homework to know how do fat burners work before purchasing any fat burning supplements. Basically, fat burners are expected to accelerate the body’s fat melting process to ensure that muscles grow faster and stronger. Read further to find out how these main ingredients affect your body in ways that are both subtle and harmful.


L-Carnitine is a common ingredient found in fat burning supplements as well as diet pills. This substance is known to play a role in allowing the body to use fats for fuel. The inclusion of this substance in fat burning supplements is based on the theory that the more carnitine an individual ingests, the more fats his body will also be able to burn. But such theory had been debunked by controlled studies recently conducted on the efficacy of carnitine. The studies showed that supplementation of carnitine does not in any way affect the body’s carbohydrate and fat metabolism.


Another popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements is ephedrine.  The role of ephedrine is to speed up a person’s metabolism as it triggers adrenaline release inside the body. Adrenaline is a hormone that stimulates glucose release from the liver. This leads to increased availability of fats and glucose which is vital for ATP production. But, here’s the caveat. The Food and Drug Administration has received more than a thousand reports about the side effects linked to ephedrine use. Some of these reported side effects include irregular heart rate, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, heart attacks and even death.

The Side Effects of Long-Term Use of Fat Burners

None of these fat burners must be taken for an extended period of time. Otherwise, your body will learn to develop tolerance from these substances thus making these fat burners less effective. In turn, you tend to increase its dosage and this is when it starts to become really dangerous. Heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting and dizziness are just few of the many side effects that you could experience from over-consumption of fat burning supplements. Not to mention the fact that your body’s natural metabolism will also cease to function at a normal rate because it has become too reliant on these fat burning ingredients.

Nothing beats the efficacy and safety of healthy diet and regular exercise in helping people lose those excess fats in the body. Although without the help of these fat burners the process of shedding off these fats may take longer. But you can definitely rejoice at the thought that you won’t have to suffer later from the side effects like you would if you relied on fat loss supplements.