In today’s current work climate, we see more and more women becoming independent and working directly from the comfort of their own home. Many are setting up a business as freelance writers/bloggers or are engaged in online selling, consultation services, accounting, or real estate, among many others. Some others may work remotely for another company. People who work from home are 87% more likely to “love” their job, according to a study by Leadership IQ. Studies also show that home-based workers are 24% more likely to report feeling happier and more productive than working outside the home. Setting up your home office can be crucial to your success, so here are a few tips.

Set Up Your Workstation

The benefits of working from home can be tremendous; the freedom to set your own hours and work in your jammies, watch your kids, or listen to any kind of music, or even watch your favorite sporting events, are just a few of the perks. But first, you want to be comfortable. Setting up a work desk area that is both functional and ergonomically perfect for you is crucial. Check the heights, widths, placement of your hands and arms, and mobility. Finding the right chair can alleviate any potential back issues. You may be sitting at your desk for extended periods, so you don’t want to become uncomfortable or sore by the end of the day. Remember, this your home office, so picks what feels right for you.

Your Essential Gadgets

Next is getting your electronics like your computer, phone, and printer all set up. There have been tremendous advances in technology that can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. According to Taylored Systems hiring an IT solution specialty company can customize a complete package for you and provide fully integrated features. Be sure to set up a cloud back-up, which is critical to keeping all your business records safe and sound. Make sure you also use surge-protected power cords and uninterruptible power sources.

Separate Your Work Space From The Rest Of The Home

You must create the distinction from the rest of your home so you can remain focus and undisturbed when need be. This means a separate room, preferably with a locking door. Even better might be an attic or basement space. Even though you are technically still home, you want to maintain the self-illusion that you are “at work,” and blurring the lines between casual home-life and business can distract and hinder your production. Also, try to pick a space with plenty of natural lighting if you can.

Eliminate Any Mess Or Clutter

Just like any professional workstation, you want to keep your office clean and clutter-free. Use spill-proof cups or capped bottles to avoid any disastrous mishaps and have an organized file cabinet with an extra storage bin to keep paperwork from getting out of hand. Organize yourself with an easy-to-access stack of desktop baskets for office supplies and documents and label everything. You want to work smarter, not harder, so knowing exactly where everything is will cause less frustration and ill-spent time.

Working from your home office can be a wonderful, liberating, and stress-free experience. Just take the time and effort to set everything up correctly, including a good coffee-maker, of course.