Every year art and decorating ideas change. These ideas are updated as the trends in the world change. Years ago, photos of one’s activities were limited to studio photos of the family and individual family members along with the occasional wedding photo or graduation pic. 

Today, there are so many sports enthusiasts, that seeing close shots of a famous boxing match or a final jump shot in a basketball game is as common as the traditional family occasions. These images are nicely framed and may be displayed in a room alongside similar events, in a gallery of sorts.

Adding sports memorabilia is easier than it once was because today’s sports fan displays the baseball that was hit in a home run, the signed basketball of a sports team, the boxing gloves of a fighter, etc. These actual game pieces are displayed in boxes and cases with light highlighting them for all onlookers. They are clearly labeled, to emphasize bragging rights. These pieces of memorabilia may find themselves behind a door built to house all the memorabilia. Many use a special entrance that leads to that room. Some pull out all stops to create the entrance. They may even use a barn door hardware kit with a barn door to plan the specialized entrance to their showroom.

Ways to Highlight Sports Memorabilia

A room with displays of numbered jerseys clearly framed and highlighted for others to see behind frames with glass fronts. If this is a baseball display, you may also have bats that were once used by famous players hanging in that room also.

If you love the game of football, you may have a life-sized cutout poster of your favorite player, actual footballs used in the games, players’ helmets, positioned on shelves displayed in a room dedicated to the sport.

You may mix your memorabilia with photos and posters of the sport. This may be displayed alongside big-screen TVs showing famous recordings of the game. Build a wall covered with framed black and white photos of sports events or players in action.

Create a display of Lucite-framed footballs that are centrally located and displayed on a shelf conveniently placed to show off all your prized balls. Collect miniature bobbleheads or toy images of sports players and display them in a lighted shadow box.

Strangely enough, each year new outlets are revealed that illustrate how popular sports are to all its fans. Now, it’s quite common for male-dominated sports to have female fans that absolutely love the sport and follow it religiously. They know all the teams and all the players. They have their favorite teams and can recite the results of many games. They are the truest of fans.

It’s easy to find ways to express your enthusiasm for a team. Just follow your natural instincts. There is something that will naturally attract you and express your true feelings for the game and its players. Add to that your natural tendencies and you will devise a way to celebrate your team that matches your interests and true likes. 

You might be into photography and, naturally, collect photos of the game or take them yourself. It then makes sense for you to establish a gallery of images with game players, games in action. Your preference may be action shots that you took in games you attended. If these shots are displayed tastefully, you capture the attention of your visitors who view your display.

Many people shop for their memorabilia pieces. They acquire them from all kinds of sources. They pick up pieces at yard sales, estate sales, off online resale sites, etc. Some people collect old Sports Illustrated magazines to complete a collection. Whatever your love is, you can find ways to add to your collection and build an impressive display for others to envy.

For those of us not blessed with a lot of space, trading cards will always be a viable alternative. Recently, a Tom Brady trading card reached an astounding value. It went up to one million dollars. For sports memorabilia collectors, that was one more reason to keep their love of sports and its memorabilia in full force.