Disney women don’t just depict a beautiful princess running around singing, who is needed to be saved by a man!

Yes, they are pretty women out there, and they sing well but if need be, could be the Braveheart the story needs too. Wondering how? Don’t worry – we will take a look at it below.

Here are some Disney women that do a lot more than just being that perfect woman for her husband. In fact, as we will see to it below, Disney is all about diversity, and we need to look at what the Disney world actually has to offer than just look at the prince and princess.

  1. “Merida” from Brave:

She is a rebel in every sense. Yet, she knows what she loves and wants.

She is compassionate, courageous, has the power to stand up for what she wants, has a dream but knows to own her mistakes and learn from them. When everybody in the kingdom expects her to be a princess and get married, she wants to explore her talent as a warrior. How often do you see such passionate Disney women?

  1. “Mulan” from Mulan:

She is a woman who stood tall when her family needed a helping hand, and when her country needed a warrior. She is an example of how you could achieve what you need not just as a woman but as a true human, and get the respect and admiration of others.

A true spirited and courageous woman whose only concern was saving her father and her country, isn’t she an inspiring woman?

  1. “Pocahontas”:

Who doesn’t know about this woman who decided the course of history with her undeniable courage and righteousness? Going against everybody else, especially her community to stick to what she felt right needs not just courage but a strong principle. She is a true Disney woman who is a character to look up to.

  1. “Nala” from Lion King:

She might be a less prominent character but she only had the power to persuade Simba in to coming back and owning his right. Nala symbolizes a loyal and courageous female that transcends her boundary to let a proud male know what should be done. She is a true rebel in every way.

  1. “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast:

She loves books and her father, but she is compassionate and sees beyond an external coating. She has beauty in abundance, but that doesn’t make her proud and shy. She is a strong woman who knows how to stand up against people like Guston who considers women to be nothing but a thing to be owned.

The Disney World – More than it Meets the Eye

It’s not just about these. There are other characters too – think Jasmine from Aladdin. She is a princess and loves Aladdin, but doesn’t hesitate to take charge when there is trouble out there. It is these life lessons that we need to give to our young, so that they see a lot more than just a damsel in distress.

Disney is an inspiration with women-centric characters. All these characters and more have a value, an ideology and a common characteristic in them that makes them a leader. They are kind, courageous and know how to follow their instincts about what they think to be right.