When I first heard about CW’s intentions to add a new superhero series to its programming, I thought “oh no, not another super team!” We have quite a few already – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and a bunch of feature films also on the way. Will this be yet another occasion for me to practice my favorite redflush online card games while my significant other (a total superhero buff) sits besides me with eyes tied to the screen? But then I saw the first trailer for the show, and my heart went “boom”.

That’s Rory… I mean Arthur Darvill, known as one of the companions from Doctor Who! And he’s a time traveler! Oh, the irony! After getting my attention, I watched the rest of the trailer, and decided to give this new show a chance. Although not my usual style, I sat down with my significant other to watch Legends of Tomorrow. And you know what? Now I am a fan.

Unknown heroes

Supergirl and the Flash were featured on-screen in the past. But none of tomorrow’s legends have been featured in a live action series or feature before. And the heroes themselves are different, very different from the polarized world of Marvel the other superhero universe. One of them is a misunderstood businessman who has staged his own death. The other(s) is(are) an unlikely couple of a physicist and a car mechanic, who merge to form a superpowered fireball. Hawkgirl and Hawkman are an almost immortal couple, repeatedly reincarnating and fighting their way through life. While Heat Wave and Captain Cold are two criminals, each one with its own special gun.

And Rory, I mean Arthur Darvill, plays a renegade time traveler with a great goal to save the future, flying around the universe with his TARDIS… I mean the Waverider.

Action, adventure, drama

The pilot episode of the series has everything you might expect from a great TV series.

It has a lot of conflict, both between the good guys and the bad guys, as well as between the members of this unlikely gang of superheroes themselves.

It has humor – in moments when the two eternal lovers settle an argument through a fistfight, or when Captain Cold finally feels at home in the middle of a bar fight in the 1970s (I love the seventies!).

It has drama – the child from the immortal lovers’ previous life… but I won’t spoil it for you, watch it yourself.

Finally, it’s a series that will keep everyone pinned in front of the screen. It was meant to be the “most ambitious DC adaptation yet” – and it succeeded at it. Big time.