We all know what a cash advance is; a short-term loan that you can resort to as a quick way to get your hands on some cash. For most people, the only way to get a cash advance is by using their credit card balance. But, after some research, we discovered that there are multiple ways you could get a cash advance. The best part is that some—if not all—of those ways are a lot better than the classic credit card method. So, without further ado, here are other ways you could acquire extra cash.

Salary Cash Advances

It’s quite a simple thing really, getting an advance on your paycheck. And, honestly, it is not unusual for anyone to want to dip into next month’s paycheck for whatever reason. That’s why some employers offer the option of giving out a cash advance in exchange for a fee and an interest. On the one hand, it’s better than other types of advances since you’re only taking from your own money, which is safer. On the other hand, some people impose insanely high-interest rates which, as we know, is never a good thing.

Selling Your Inheritance 

After the passing away of family and friends, it is often that they leave behind a property that won’t be used by you at all. Instead of letting that place gather dust, why not try looking into selling that property to get a little more income? It’s not a difficult task if you know how to sell your inheritance. And not only that, as mentioned on the Probate Advance website, you can even get a cash advance on the estate you are selling so that you won’t have to wait until the house is sold to get your money. Of course, if the inheritance is shared, it is essential that you come to an agreement with all inheritors to avoid any legal issues later on.  

401k Advance

 If you’ve got a 401k and are in need of some cash right now rather than in the future, several plan administrators allow their participants to dip into their savings. You could borrow up to 50% of your funds without credit checks, and even with automated payments. And, again, it’s a safe financing option because the only person you’ll be borrowing from is you. In addition, another advantage is that the interest rates aren’t that much. Plus, you won’t be withdrawing money; it’s only going to be borrowing, so you won’t have to pay a penalty.

So, as you’ve read, there are a lot of ways to take out a cash advance without having to resort to credit cards. But, at the end of the day, it is important to remember that just because they’re easy to acquire doesn’t mean you should totally depend on them, because their interest rates tend to be quite high. Instead, just focus on careful financial planning to avoid needing a loan altogether, and keep the cash advances for rainy days and big-picture expenses like buying houses and such.