When you think of the game of bingo you think of a fun game that people of all ages can play, but did you know that bingo can actually help to improve your mental sharpness? It turns out that bingo is a great game to encourage seniors to play as a way to train and exercise their brain without it feeling like a chore. In fact, they won’t even realize that they are busy exercising their brain because they’ll be too busy having fun.

New Research Shows Bingo Helps

Bingo has always been a game popular with seniors, but did you know this is a game you should actually encourage them to play? A researcher from Southampton University presented findings at a British Psychological Society conference recently regarding how playing the game regularly can help with mental alertness.

So how exactly does it help? It helps in terms of the speed of thoughts. As the numbers are called, the player needs to stay alert and scan their card quickly using mental scanning. The game uses a variety of skills – memory, mental speed, scanning of the card, all at once. Now here’s where things get really interesting. When tested on their mental scanning, memory, and mental speed the seniors who played Bingo regularly did better than younger people who don’t play Bingo.

The research goes on to state that it can be helpful in putting off or even helping to ward off neurodegenerative diseases.

Playing in a Hall vs. Online

Another part of the research took a look at the impact of playing bingo in a typical hall setting with others vs. playing it online through a website or app. Both are able to help in terms of training the brain and improving mental alertness but playing in the hall usually requires a bit more attention to detail. Obviously, it’s not always convenient to get out to a bingo hall however, so in those cases the person should be encouraged to use an app or visit an online website offering bingo.

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Additional Benefits for Seniors

Besides helping with mental alertness there are other benefits to playing bingo. If the senior is playing in an actual bingo hall with a bingo card, they will be working on their hand-eye coordination. This is an area that often suffers as people start to age, so exercising it is incredibly important. Think about how fast the numbers are called in bingo halls, there is no time to hesitate. They need to scan the card fast and then put to use their hand-eye coordination quickly.

Help with Healing

There have also been other studies performed that looked at the correlation between playing bingo and healing from an illness or surgery. Bingo has been shown to help seniors during these periods leading to much shorter hospital stays and faster recuperation.

Introduce the Senior in Your Life to Bingo

If you want to do something for that special senior in your life that is good for his/her health and provides them with a fun activity, then you’ll want to introduce them to bingo and encourage regular play. Whether it is online, at home, or in a bingo hall, there are plenty of benefits to playing.