Skin dries more during winter causing itching and peeling… and a big reason why is because of makeup. Your skin needs a lot of care and your face is the only part that cannot be hidden no matter the weather so it’s exposed to a lot. The ice and cold weather during winter isn’t very skin-friendly but there’s a solution with these winter makeup combinations!

There are many winter makeup combinations that help and prevent your skin (or lips, nails, hands, and hair) from damage during the cold and here are six of the best.

moisturizing lip balm and coconut oil

The lips are mostly affected during winter — cracking, drying, and more. You’re always supposed to carry some moisturizing lip balm to apply when the lips get dehydrated, but this moisturizing lip balm can be replaced with coconut oil in order to replace heal any cracks that can be forming. And avoid licking your lips to avoid worsening the condition.

almond oil and a moisturizer

Almond oil has the ability to prevent the skin from peeling due to the harsh winter conditions. It also brightens the dull skin tone formed after peeling and maintains a beautiful glowing skin during the winter. Almond oil used together with a moisturizer of your choice enables you to look sexy despite the weather condition. During this season the nose has a tendency of peeling leaving uneven skin tone. Avoid this ugly look by applying almond oil and a moisturizer.

Pura Bella

This is a cream made of natural ingredients and has the ability to make your skin look fresh and beautiful during the winter season. It can be used before your skin gets damaged for prevention hence giving your skin a sexy smooth and brighter glow. In case your skin has already been damaged the Pura Bella cream is used together with a moisturizer of your choice in order to heal the skin faster.

Gel smooth crayon

Gel smooth crayons are a makeup applied on the eyelids. A combination of either gel or liquid is used on the eyelids to maintain a good look during winter. This combination prevents dry skin and peeling caused by the harsh weather. The eye lid is so sensitive and if not taken care of during the winter it can prove difficult to treat the damage caused.

Water resistant mascara and liquid gel

Due to the mist and snow, water-resistant mascara is said to be the best. The liquid helps in maintaining freshness of the mascara all through the day. Use light-colored mascara to avoid too much makeup on the ayes causing attention from everyone. Your hair is also affected during the winter and a conditioner is the best solution after washing and blow drying. It helps to keep beautiful and shiny hair as compared with the normal expectations of dull hair during winter. Use super conditioner in order to keep your hair soft shiny and beautiful.

Body oils & body scrubs

Body scrubs such as vanilla scrub are used to clear off the dead skin caused by the winter weather. This scrub is friendly to all types of skin inclusive of the sensitive skin since no harm is caused. After the scrub apply body oils such as the coconut oil that heals the cracked skin and softens the hard and peeling skin.


Remember your skin, people! All special makeup should be bought before winter begins in order to keep the skin safe. Waterproof makeup is the best since it can last all day long without getting destroyed hence ensuring a full-time fresh look.

Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis) is a health, beauty and skin care adviser who provides solutions related to health and beauty problems. Visit Adonia on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.