Experiencing the signs of first pregnancy and finding out that you are, in fact, pregnant can be both a joyous and nerve-wracking experience. Telling your partner can be just as emotionally scary and exciting as well.

At the end of the day, you will both be excited that you are pregnant, so why not break the news with some style? Here are five fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner.

Let Him know with a Love Note

This has to be a timeless favorite that never goes out of style. Leaving a handwritten note spells out a touch of authenticity and emotion that can’t be emulated with a smartphone or even the spoken word.

For a tremendously romantic effect and a wonderful way to let your partner know you are pregnant, try writing down the reasons why you love them and the resulting love has led to your pregnancy. Attach a printout of your favorite photo together and caption it with words that mean something to both of you.

Add a deep red envelope and some ribbon and you have the perfectly romantic way to break the news to your partner.

Pizza & Pregnancy

If you are after something a little more light-hearted, consider the ‘Pizza & pregnancy’ approach.

Everyone loves a pizza, almost as much as we do each other. Alright, maybe not that much, but it’s close.

For a clever way to say ‘I’m Pregnant’, write it on the inside of your pizza box. Set it up properly. A night with just the two of you on the couch and a good movie. As you bring the box in, offer it to him after you have seated yourself.

To capture the reaction for all your friends and family, have a Go-pro camera recording from a hidden location in the room, stream it if you dare.

Family Picture Surprise

Couples that have a strong family relationship can get everyone in on the excitement. To let your parents and extended family know with a surprising shocker, try the photo surprise tactic. The next time you are out together at a family barbecue, get someone to take a photo using your phone, as the photographer snaps the shot, make your announcement and capture the crowd’s reaction. The surprise photo is a great way to start the family photo album for sure!

Say it with a room full of Balloons

Setting this one up is a lot of fun. Arrange with a retailer to have balloons with the message ‘We’re Pregnant!’ printed on them delivered to your house before your partner gets home from work. You can mix it up with some blue and pink balloons to symbolize a boy or a girl.

Stick the Ultrasound inside the Check.

Dinner and drama, what could be better? When you have called for the check, slip off from the table and arrange with the waiter for your ultrasound picture to be included in the check folder. Return to the table and pull out your phone, ready for the reaction when it arrives.