They say you should never mix business with pleasure. But we’ve always found that it works out great for us.

There’s a fine line around entertaining business clients and an endless debate about what constitutes going too far. The truth is, unless you’re actively bribing them, you’re free to entertain clients in whichever manner you like.

There’s nothing better than hiring a hospitality box and watching the game in style. (On the business account, of course.) It’s the perfect way to make a real connection with people and bond over shared passions. Who doesn’t get excited watching their favorite team? Even neutral fans can’t help but get swept away with the excitement and atmosphere. That’s why taking business clients to the big game is still the best way to impress them.

Need more reasons? We’ve got tons.

Start a relationship based on mutual interest

Lots of business people will tell you that professionalism is the most important trait in client relations. You must keep all contact strictly about business.

Because clients are real people with hobbies and interests, we’ve never really been one to follow the rules. Strike up a friendship, and connect with them on a human level.

They’re much more likely to work with you if there’s a shared connection there. Use the time at the game to bond over sports as a great starting point.

It puts them at ease

Business meetings and client relations are often so rigid and cold. Presentations and meetings take place in stuffy office buildings. The atmosphere is always tense and everyone’s got the guard up. Taking your clients to the big game helps bring those guards down. The atmosphere of a huge stadium instantly puts people at ease, and gets you out of the stuffy work environment. This is the perfect time to ask the more difficult questions and exchange ideas.

People do business with people they like

More often than not, business deals are made based on the people involved. Most companies can offer a similar range of skills and expertise. But, your clients like to know that they’re working with good people. They need to trust and respect their colleagues. Taking them to the game gives you chance to show your real side. You can build trust and respect by connecting on a deeper level.

You can put on a killer presentation

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about business here. Luckily, most stadiums and arenas have conference rooms that are perfect for presentations. Using the folks at Finesse Group, you can build an eye-catching exhibition stand, using the pitch as the backdrop. It’s an exciting, new way to make your presentations stand out. Your clients certainly aren’t going to forget this one in a hurry! Anything you can do to stick in their mind is much more likely to land you the deal.
Try it yourself, and see if it works for you! At the very least, you’ll get to enjoy the game!