Music is unique to everyone; the experience somebody has during one song can be completely different for another person listening to the same song. Music is an individual’s own private adventure, and the lyrics will have a personal message to each listener. 

You may think enjoying music is as simple as just pressing play, but check out these alternative ways to listen to the art form and let them offer a different way of how to approach your favorite tunes.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to want to stick to the only genre you’ve ever liked, or quickly turn off a song whose opening beat hasn’t fully gripped you. Being more open-minded about different genres, however, can truly open doors to many wonderful new experiences.

Give new and different tracks a chance, even if means listening ten more times if you hated it the first time. You may notice different things the second time around, or you may find yourself humming the tune and realizing it’s not so bad after all. Months down the line, it might become your all-time favorite song.

Live Music

Don’t underestimate the power of live music. Sure, you’ve listened to your favorite song or band a million times on your headphones at home, but to listen to the same song live brings a completely different experience and version exclusive to that very moment.

Going to a concert means the epitome of mindfulness, being in the here and now, and that song will never be played to anyone else the same way that it was played in that moment to you and the rest of the crowd in that venue; can help you view the full range of dates and artists available to you.

Learn an Instrument

This may sound like a long-winded way to appreciate music that little bit more, but if you’ve been toying with the idea of learning an instrument anyway, then go for it.

Learning how music is made and how it works with the intricacies of an individual instrument can make you view music in a whole different light and give new depths to new tracks when you listen. This is because you’ll probably be focusing more on instruments and sounds within the track that you might have never noticed before. It can create a whole new dimension for you, like a peek behind the curtain.

Choose The Experience You Want, Not The Song

Often you might put on your headphones, set off for your commute and think that maybe you fancy a song by a particular artist. If you switch it around, however, and think about playlists suitable for a commute, or for taking the train, or for rainy weather, for example, you can broaden your song choices to how you want to feel rather than which artist you want to listen to first. 

With music apps making suggestions all the time, you might find the perfect song for your commute that you never knew about.