Fashion is constantly changing from year to year and especially from season to season. Jackets, boots, and cosy accessories are important for fashionistas this year. Our team scoured the hottest runways from Milan to Paris for the next big thing this season.

Here are some must-haves this Winter 2016 season:

Ski Jackets

Ski slope inspired women’s ski jackets will be very big this winter. Even if you aren’t the snow sport type, you will be able to rock a colorful ski jacket and sip hot chocolate with your friends.

Oversized Sleeves

Instead of gloves or mittens, sweaters and long-sleeved shirts this year will feature sleeves that cover your fingers. These extra long sleeves will be found on almost any shirt, sweater, or cardigan. You will look super cute, and you will be able to save time on gathering up accessories to keep your hands warm.

High Boots

Sky-high platform boots are making a comeback this winter season. The higher the better for these retro inspired boots. They will come in a variety of classic and cheeky patterns to mix and match with all of your other winter wardrobe pieces.

Puffer Jackets

Women’s puffer jackets are among one of the most comfortable winter staples, and the good news is that they are very in style this year. They come in many color variations and are sure to keep you warm for the long winter wherever you are.


Turtlenecks are no longer just for little kids or geeky dress up days. They are an important fashion staple this winter, especially when it comes to layering. Pair a solid colored turtleneck with a maxi skirt or underneath a spaghetti dress for the ultimate in winter fashion.

Navy Inspired Accessories

Navy trench coats will be an important item in the coming months. Navy inspired clothing items in general are a must-have. They will be navy colored and feature Navy-esque patches and emblems for a combination throwback feel.

Patent Leather Trench Coats

Patent trench coats are very big this year and will be an important staple in winter wardrobes. They will even potentially reach into spring fashion because of the lightweight quality of the patent leather.


Hats have come back into style recently and we have been seeing more of them throughout the past few years. This winter, hats will still be big, and trooper hats will be the biggest rage. They feature furry flaps and oversized sides that will be perfect for cold weather winter temperatures.

Faux Fur

Faux fur scarves and stoles are making a huge comeback for the winter months. They can be draped across your body or pinned around your neck like a collar. They are the perfect combination of warm and cosy and edgy and trendy.


Leggings are still here to stay! They are a great alternative to tights underneath dresses and skirts. Paired with boots and a cute jacket, a colorful pair of leggings can complete your outfit.

Incorporate some of these hot new trends into your wardrobe this winter to ensure that you will be fashionable and warm. Any of these pieces would also make great Christmas or holiday gifts for your friends and family. As a bonus, they will think that you are a fashion superstar when they see how on-trend you are.