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Watch These Grandmas Get High For The First Time

In the states where it’s now legal to smoke marijuana, there are going to be plenty of people introducing themselves to world of gettin’ high for the first time.

And in the state of Washington where it’s now legal, three grandmas who had never smoked marijuana decided to give it a shot.

Their reactions were filmed. They played Cards Against Humanity and came up with some great one-liners. Enjoy.

You win, internet.



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Husband Secretly Records Wife Rapping To Salt-N-Pepa In The Car

We’ve all pretended to be rock stars while riding around in the car and most of us would be mortified if we were ever caught in the middle of a solo.

But this husband took a risk and recorded his wife rapping to Salt-N-Pepa’s “None of Your Business” and by the time she realizes, it’s too late.

Kudos to the wife for not being too upset over the recording as it seems like these two have a really great relationship. Besides, she kinda nailed the solo.


[Daily Dot]

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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I ate all of your Halloween candy’ prank

Jimmy Kimmel is back with one of the best pranks on TV dubbed “I ate all of your Halloween Candy.”

The morning after Halloween, parents all across the nation do the following

-Hide all of the child’s candy

-Wait until said child goes looking for candy the next morning (this is key)

-Start filming and tell the kids you ate all of the candy

-Watch as the child learns what true loss is all about

Some of the children’s reactions are surprisingly sweet and curious while most of the kids lose their damned mind over the thought of their Halloween candy haul is gone.

It’s a brilliant prank that makes me want to have children just so I can do this to them.


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