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How to get a perfect Lara Croft costume

The character Lara Croft is a gaming icon. She was one of the first powerful lead roles in a gaming franchise. Girls wanted to be her and guys wanted to be with her. So it’s no wonder that her costume, and the many variations of it, have made their way to Halloween parties, cosplay events and cons all over the world.

Since Lara Croft has been around for a while, she has many variations of outfits. For the sake of simplification, the article will help you find all of the items needed to pull off the all-black costume from the movie.

Here’s how to make the perfect Lara Croft costume.


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Avengers styled outfits you can actually wear in public

For a lot of comic book fans, dressing up as your favorite character has been a past time for generations.

But for many new fans of comic book heroes like the Avengers, they aren’t quite comfortable dressing in cosplay juuuuuuuust yet.

Enter B for Bel in which she shows off her new love of the Avengers in some of the cutest Superhero themed gear that consists of mostly items that you would find in a store 365 days of the year.

Hit the jump to see her incredible ideas for all the main characters from the Avengers….

avengers captain america outfit ideas



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Whoops: Guy paints himself Hulk-Green with industrial strength paint. And it doesn’t come off.

A singer by the name of Paulo Henrique dos Santos from Rio De Janeiro wanted to get some publicity riding off the immensely popular Avengers movie. So he decided to hit up the hardware store for some Hulk-green paint, cover his body in it and parade around the streets promoting his singer career.

Problem is, after all of his showboating and 2 dozen or so baths later, the paint still hasn’t come off. Paulo plans on seeing a doctor if the paint still doesn’t come off after 24 hours.

Even though it was his own fault for buying paint meant for ballistic missiles, Paulo plans on suing the hardware store because “they knew what I was trying to do”.

I thought BS lawsuits only happened in the US? Nevertheless, at least this guy got the press he was looking for.

H/T Extra and Moviefone


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