Getting Together With Friends

When it is the big game day, the whole city is excited. You see people dressed up in their fandom styles. It could be the entire family that dresses up in the colors of the team and paints their faces. It could be the signs they hold and their ice chest filled with refreshments for family and friends. 

There is nothing like the game day when we see the entire town revving up to see their favorite team march onto the field, cheering them on in the process. What is a fan anyway but an extension of the team that makes the game-day possible? You’ll see a group of young fans in their athletic tent with the team logo emblazoned on it and fans who have been tailgating as long as they can remember. What an assortment of different characters and what a great tradition!

Hanging Out and Meeting People

You have the fans that let it all hang out and seem to have no end to having fun and those people who remain cool and seem to be unmoved by the most unusual activities. They are often just being cool to the circumstances. If variety is a cultural term for do your own thing, then the game day is the place where variety comes to life. There is the activity, the dress, and the manners that are just the way that people get excited when they can hear the marching band, see all the administration let their hair down, and give a special thanks out to the team that brings them national recognition.

Fun Things to Do For a Tailgate Party

  • All-day party
  • Have a bus party
  • Reserve seats together
  • Huge sound system
  • Play honky-tonk music
  • Have a huge tent for shelter
  • Bring cups, coolers, chips
  • Have a meal catered

Tailgating and Cooking Out

Did anyone say tailgate? It is time to reflect on the history of game day and especially tailgating. If you’ve ever been to a game-day tailgating event, you will wonder how so many different kinds of trailers, cars, motorcycles, and campers can all fit on one campus. You will see trucks, of course, with their tailgates down and all the friends sitting on lawn chairs. Barbecue pits all along the path to the stadium, the fresh aroma of barbecued beef, chicken, sausage, and pork chops filling the air. Make it is your lucky day and get invited to someone’s barbecue and get a beautiful barbecue plate. While barbecuing and tailgating are just the beginning of game day, it sure helps to keep the spirit up for the fans who come to support their home team and the coach.

Meeting Celebrities

Game day is a time to have fun with others. You might meet a celebrity who is well known and has come to support his team; a movie star, a politician, a sports player just mixing in with everyone else and that makes the whole game day celebration even that much more enjoyable. If you have a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend, and you happen to be passing by, you can always use the excuse to say you were asking for that friend to meet the celebrity. It is all done in good spirit.

Music, Mascots, and More

When you go to game day celebrations, you are going to hear music. It may be a country star or a rock star, but the university will have a pre-game lineup of entertainment for college students. It is an excellent time to listen to them play and move the crowd. On game day, you may also see some mascots running around and you will wonder who it is in that animal suit. 

Lining Up and Lining In

You’ll know when it is getting time for the game to start because groups will start packing up their things and walking to the stadium together. Take your time to go to the stadium, especially if you don’t like to rush. Lastly, we can’t talk about game day without mentioning those lovely people who happen to have extra tickets that are trying to sell them at the last minute. Sometimes it is for a little extra than what they have paid, but it’s game day and people want to join in the fun.