NHL trying to draw in the casual fan with “Because its the Cup” commercials

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There is no question that the NHL has strong following of dedicated fans, but where the real money is at in sports is the casual fan market. Knowing this, the NHL has plans to roll out a new marketing campaigning called “Where its been” and “Story” highlighting the journey of the most famous trophy in the world, the Stanley Cup.

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Complete with 50ft posters that will be hung up in Dicks Sporting Goods stores across the country are also targeting commercials that are currently being tested out. During the testing, viewers actions were apparently were very very good.

From Puck Daddy

The NHL has created commercials that feature the Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks, Pavel Datsyuk as well as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. “Where It’s Been” is the next spot in the campaign, and it chronicles some of the quirky destinations for the Stanley Cup — the side of a road, the bottom of a swimming pool — and where it may be headed next (if NASA can get its house in order). Another spot called “Story” sounds like it could be an instant classic: “In a graphical stop motion time lapse, show the Cup’s evolution from original bowl, to addition of rings, then tiered rings — as it grows taller until ending on today’s version of the Cup.”

The NHL seems to have their ducks all in a line with this one as they also detailed how one goes from being a casual fan to ultimately, the coveted die hard fan with this breakdown:

• Emotional Investment in Team Rivalries
• Social Awareness of Big Events (like the Winter Classic)
• Understanding The Game (the dreaded “what is icing?” question)
• Personal Attachment to Players
• Appreciation of Traditions (Kissing the Cup, Fan Chants)
• Understanding of the Game’s History
• Insider Knowledge of Stats (including fantasy hockey)

Kudos to the NHL for creating a campaign that will appeal to the casual base without pissing off the hard core crazys. And in the world of hockey, that is a very difficult thing to do and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time with the playoffs beginning on April 11th.

Watch the new “Because it’s the Cup” commercial below. Will this have any affect on whether you will watch the NHL playoffs or not?

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