Let's celebrate our favorite pot-smokin' athletes

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A recent ESPN article highlighted that as many as 40-60% of current and past Oregon Ducks football players have all smoked weed.

As shocking (?) as is that someone would like to relax with bit of cannabis, we thought it would be fun to celebrate those athletes who smoked the gange, got caught but remain in the 4/20 Hall of Fame.

Hit the jump to see our favorite pot smoking athletes….

Randy Moss

The player who is famous for doing what he wants, when he wants admitted on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that he has smoked weed since he’s gotten into the league. Though he says he keeps a low profile during the season, the offseason is really when he gets his smoke on! #StraightCashHomie.

Michael Phelps

America’s golden boy who has won more gold medals than he can remember was caught smoking the reefer at a party. Bonus points for using a bong.

Michael Beasley

NBA player Michael Beasley was caught a couple years ago trying to sneak out of a surprise drug bust during the NBA rookie orientation only to famously have this pictures snapped of himself with weed on the table.

Ricky Williams

There is not an athlete who is more famous for smoking weed than Ricky Williams. He lit up the NFL with his incredible running abilities but famously quit in the prime of his career to learn how to become a yoga instructor and “find himself”. Aka smoke a sh*t ton of weed. His HBO interview on that topic will live in infamy.

Elijah Dukes

Former major league OF Elijah Dukes admitted to the Tampa Tribune that he would “occasionally” smoke marijuana before his games when he played for the Washington Nationals. Dukes, who is no longer in the league, was recently busted during a traffic stop and was arrested when he tried to eat the weed he had on him. But a pothead being a pothead, Dukes forgot about the blunt he had just rolled that was sitting on his ear. He was cuffed and jailed and is no longer in the league.

Josh Howard

NBA forward Josh Howard admitted to Michael Irvin on his radio show that he along with plenty of other NBA players smoke weed during the season and especially in the offseason.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick was caught at the airport with a water bottle that had a false compartment where small traces of the weed were found. Days after this story broke, potheads everywhere were googling this device to get their hands on it for themselves.

Carmelo Anthony

When part of your name contains the word “melo”, you might be predispositioned to the pot head gene. As was the eventual case with NBA player Carmelo Anthony who was caught in college trying to sneak green onto the team plane for a road game.

Bernie Carbo

Former Redsox player Bernie Carbo said it best when he talked about his “pre game routine”: “I probably smoked two joints, drank about three or four beers, got to the ballpark, took some Dexies, took a pain pill, drank a cup of coffee, chewed some tobacco, had a cigarette and got up to the plate and hit.” That my friends, is not a pothead, but an addict. Still, we had to use him on this list

Honorable mention to Nate Newton who was caught in a matter of 6 weeks on two separate occasions in 2001 with 388 pounds of weed in his car.

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