Is This Evgeni Malkin’s Best Season Yet?

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Zehr is a contributing writer for Gold Star Games, a tailgating games company.

Without a doubt, Evgeni Malkin is one of the top players in the NHL. Malkin is red hot and cannot be stopped –even back-to-back games cannot slow Geno down. With only playing 40 games, Malkin is impressively leading the NHL in the scoring race.

In Malkin’s last 27 games, he has had 20 goals, 21 assists for a total of 41 points with a +10 rating and 132 shot on goal. In his last six games, Malkin has had eight goals and 10 points. Malkin even scored the overtime winner, which propelled the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Washington Capitals – a match-up that is always well-anticipated by Pens’ fans, Caps’ fans and the entire National Hockey League. Even his fellow countryman, Alex Ovechkin was effusive in praise for Malkin. In an interview with the Washington Times, the Capitals’ captain indicates that Malkin is dominating the league.

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As Sidney Crosby bounces from specialist to specialist, Malkin knows it is time to step up. He is well in control of his game. He knows that without Crosby (and many other injury-stricken Penguins) the Penguins are good, but they could be better. The Pens are on a winning streak and Evgeni has much to do with this hot streak.  He has all the tools and skills he needs to dominate the ice. Malkin can skate and uses his linemates very well. The trick for opponents, as indicated by the Washington Capitals, is to not let Malkin have the room to do his thing.

The proof that Malkin is having quite possibly the best season is in the numbers. Here is a look at this year’s Malkin versus the Malkin, who was the recipient of the Art Ross Trophy.

  • “Current Malkin”: 40 Games Played: 25 goals, 30 assists for 55 points (1.375 per game)
  • “Art Ross Malkin”: 82 GP: 35 goals, 78 assists for 113 points (1.378 per game)

Malkin is currently taking all of the attention and pressure from the media and he appears to be handling it well. Late in 2011, Malkin had indicated to ROOT sports that his New Year’s resolution was to talk to the media more. Malkin sure has given himself something great to discuss with the media.

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