Rex Ryan Trolls

Rex Ryan Trolls So Hard- Passes on Tebow Again as the Jets Starter

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by •December 27, 2012 •NFLComments (2)383

Rex Ryan has chosen to start Mark Sanchez as the Jets starting QB again over Tim Tebow after McElroy is announced as out with a concussion for Sunday’s season finale.

Rex Ryan Trolls

A little more than a week ago, Tim Tebow made the news once again but this time for a different reason.

This time, Jesus’ favorite football player was rumored to be unhappy with being passed over on the starting job for 3rd stringer, Greg McElroy. After being passed over, good-guy Tebow reportedly told head coach Rex Ryan that he refuses to play in the Wildcat formation for the team.

This of course gave fuel to the “Timmy is not a NFL quality QB” fire, a debate that polarizes the nation more than a gun control debate.

After the backlash for the first time in Tebow’s backup QB career, he was getting criticized and attempted to clean up the mess by telling Rex a few days later that “he would do anything to help the team win” and his comments were taken out of context.

Did Rex Ryan care? Not one bit.

Because when McElroy suffered a concussion that would keep him out of the final game Sunday, Ryan announced today that Mark Sanchez would once again become the starter for the Jets. Which will no doubt infuriate the Tebow faithful and it’s sure to add spark the “Tebow hasn’t been given a fair shot” fire.

jets trolling

But guess what? Rex doesn’t care about the fan outcry for Tebow to start. He doesn’t care that Tebow felt like he was lied to when the Jets said he would compete for a starting QB position. He doesn’t care that Timmy is now backtracking and wants to help the team.

Rex is either choosing the player in Sanchez that he believes will give his team the best shot to win (heh…) or he simply wants to piss off the Tebow fan club that think if they make their voice loud enough, they can control what players start for a NFL franchise.

And at this point of the Tebow debate of “can he be a quality starter” is at ad-nauseum , I’m sure most hope the latter is true and being that it’s the last game of the season, Rex may have that sort of tunnel vision-hint of crazy that you want to keep watching while you grab your popcorn watching this team implode before our very eyes.

Unless you’re a Jaguars fan. Then you just feel like you need a stiff drink for the upcoming offseason that is sure to make you want to set something ablaze.



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    @keiteay This makes me laugh every time I see it.

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