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I can’t decide if I just love the fact that Greg Schiano had his players jumping over the pile on the Giants final kneeldown or if I think it’s bush league.  I do know that I don’t give a crap that  whiny ass Tom Coughlin doesn’t like it.  Too damn bad, Tom.

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This Week’s Sucked And Won:  Ryan Williams, Arizona (10 carries for 13 yards).   Besides being completely ineffectual, Williams fumbled in the game’s final minutes when the Cardinals were sitting on a lead and trying to run out the clock, at a point where his ONLY job was not to fumble.  

How do you turn the ball over 9 times in two weeks and still go 2-0.  I don’t know, ask the Eagles.  All credit to their defense though, who’s held opponents to just 39 points in two weeks despite the 9 giveaways.  That’s pretty amazing.

Shocking realization of the week:  Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder and Kevin Kolb all have higher passer ratings than Tom Brady.

If you heard Joe Flacco’s post-game comments this week, you might have thought he was whining about the officials because his team lost.  Yes, he was whining a bit, but I didn’t take his comments to be complaints about a big call that went the wrong way.  The officiating in the Eagles/Ravens game was awful.  The officials were confused, there were lengthy delays while they sorted things out, and when the head ref took center stage to explain the calls it sounded more like open mike night at The Improv than an NFL game.  Flacco says the replacement refs affect the integrity of the game.  He’s right.  And that’s not whining, it’s pointing out an unpleasant and inconvenient truth the NFL is hoping you’ll forget.

This Week’s Great But Lost:  Branden Weeden, Cleveland (26-37, 322 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 114.9 passer rating).  This was particularly impressive considering how completely dreadful Weeden looked in his debut.  Nice bounceback.

Thursday Pick:  NY Giants (-1.5) @Carolina (Las Vegas Hilton)

Some books actually have this game as a pick ‘em.  Is Carolina getting a little too much love, or does everyone else see what I see with the Giants?  New York has looked terrible so far this season.  Dallas wiped the floor with them, and so did Tampa Bay, until Eli Manning turned into Superman in the second half to rescue his team.  I’m tempted to go with Eli, facing a defense that is hardly intimidating, but something is really bothering me with the Giants and I don’t think they have it sorted out yet.  Moreover, the football gods are certain to have the Giants play awful football this week, just in time to play like world beaters next week against my Eagles.  I’m sticking with Cam Newton and the Panthers.  I’m gonna guess this is a game that gets won by whoever has the football last.

Carolina Panthers 30 New York Giants 27

Running Their Mouths

“I thought we would be better, and we’re not.  So we have to try and figure out what that is.  From what I’ve seen, if we do what we’re supposed to do, then we would be better.” – Chiefs coach Romeo Crenel, sounding very much like a coach on an early hot seat after his team started 0-2.

“When you’ve got a Hall of Famer like Troy, it’s hard to replace.  You can’t replace him.  But when everybody is on the same page of the defense, we feel like we’re a good defense.” – Steelers CB Ike Taylor, talking much but saying little.

“You can’t go into the game just counting on one guy, any guy.”  Patriots coach Bill Belichick, addressing the injury to Aron Hernandez and its effect on the Patriots’ loss to the Cardinals.

“Times change.” – Steve Smith, on Carolina’s first win over New Orleans in three years.

“We actually brought in 12 guys with huge tennis rackets.  Nah, I’m joking.  It was not something we freaked about.” – Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill, on whether Miami did anything special in practice to avoid him getting the ball batted down at the line.

“Each turnover has its own story that no one really wants to hear.” – Broncos QB Peyton Manning, on his three first quarter interceptions Monday night.

“He like catching touchdowns here.” – San Diego QB Philip Rivers, on back up Chargers tight end Dante Rosario, formerly of Carolina.  Half of Rosario’s 8 career touchdown catches have been at Qualcomm Stadium.

“Overall, we did a pretty good job.  Based on the score, it might not seem like we did.” – Bengals LB Rey Maualuga, whose unit gave up 27 points to the Browns on Sunday.

“I felt like them guys didn’t want to play.” – Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, on the quit in the Cowboys.


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