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Is Andy Reid’s Time in Philly Done? This and Other NFL Random Thoughts

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Are we watching the end of the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia?  Reid is the NFL’s longest tenured coach, but after last season’s 8-8 season (and it wasn’t even THAT good, trust me), owner Jeff Lurie said that the team’s play was unacceptable.

The clear message was that the Eagles had better do better than 8-8 in 2012, and most people figured that anything short of a playoff appearance, and possibly even a playoff win, would cost Reid his job.

And with this week’s loss to Atlanta, Philadelphia stands at 3-4, with a sputtering offense that can’t run behind an injured offensive line, a quarterback who leads the free world in turnovers, and a defense that has been steadily collapsing since looking improved at the beginning of the year.

Checking the Eagles schedule, it doesn’t take much to find four more losses on there, especially the way this team is playing, and it may indeed be Andy Reid’s swan song with the Eagles.

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NFL, Eagles, Andy Reid
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I’m sure you noticed that the NFL was using pink referee flags (instead of the traditional yellow) in the Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday.  That’s thanks to an enterprising fifth grader named Dante Cano, who wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggesting the idea.   Good for you Dante Cano!  The kid was smart – he wrote a letter, which was more likely to get noticed, instead of an email, which would never have reached the commish.  So, I’m wondering, Dante, if you could write a few more letters for us.  Maybe send one to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, one for President Obama, one for Mitt Romney.  . .

This Week’s Sucked And Won:   Jay Cutler, QB (CHI).  The line on Cutler is that sometimes he just turns in a real stinker, but no one could have imagined he’d do it against one of the league’s most porous defenses.  Against Carolina, however, he went 19-28 for just 186 yards with an interception and two fumbles.  It took a defensive touchdown and a last second field goal by Robbie Gould to salvage a 23-22 victory.

Poor Brady Quinn.  He played just long enough so Kansas City fans probably never want to see him attempt another pass, going 2-4 for 1 yard and a pick, then he got hurt.

Shocking Realization of the Week:  The Steelers wore these.
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You know it’s midseason when the hype for some of the crappy Thursday games on NFL Network starts to sound a little suspect.  This week, the Chargers “have their eye on the AFC West division lead.”  That’s technically correct, since they are watching it slip away from them.  Meanwhile, the Chiefs are “looking to knock off their rivals.”  I realize there are very few good things to say about the Kansas City Chiefs right now, but isn’t EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL looking to “knock off” their next opponent?  You might as well say the Chiefs “will be wearing helmets” or “58 Chiefs will show up to play the game.”

This Week’s Great But Lost:  Adrian Peterson, RB (MIN).  Peterson was pretty much the only guy on his team to show up on Thursday.  While the defense got shredded for 36 points and Christian Ponder continued to look clueless, Peterson gained 123 yards on 15 carries with one touchdown.  Not nearly enough to save Minnesota this week.

Thursday Pick:  Kansas City (+8.5) @San Diego (Wynn Las Vegas)

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how San Diego is giving this many points as bad as they have looked.  Then again, the Chiefs have looked awful too, so I have no real feel for this game either way.  I’m taking the points, because I just don’t believe in the Chargers’ ability to mop the floor with a team, even one as bad as Kansas City.

San Diego Chargers 24 Kansas City Chiefs 17

Voices Carry

“We know we’re not at the top yet, so we really don’t need to have any days off.  Our record says we still need work.” – Browns CB Joe Haden, on the team declining a customary day off from practice following a victory.

“I just think Mark gives us the best chance to win.  That’s my opinion and it’s the only one that matters.” – Jets coach Rex Ryan, on whether QB Mark Sanchez would be benched in favor of Tim Tebow.

“Sometimes you have to do more than lead by example.” – Colts WR Reggie Wayne, on the halftime speech he gave that many teammates credited with firing up the team to come back and win their game against the Titans.

“I think there’s a lot of factors going into playing quarterback.  I’ve had an injury.  I’m a different player coming off the injury.  I’m on a different team, so I’m just working on kind of finding my way. . .” Broncos QB Peyton Manning, after posting a 151.7 passer rating against the Saints.  Hey, Peyton.  I think you found it.

“If I was a Cowboys fan in the stands watching Romo, I’d start a Tebow chant.” – Ryan Armentrout (@ryaninco), on the Cowboys QB’s struggles in the first half vs. the Giants (per the Dallas Morning News).

“To me, there’s no such thing as an ugly win.” – Bears coach Lovie Smith, after his team won about as ugly as you can.

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