Let’s Piss Off PETA by Voting Mike Vick Onto the Cover of Madden

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Even though there is a whole mess of lawyers/CBA/finger pointing going on in the NFL right now, there is one thing that the CBA won’t affect and that’s the release of EA Sports Madden 12.

Usually every year, Madden chooses a player to place on the cover of his famous release and the player is usually considered cursed due to players over the years succumbing to a major injury.  

But this year, Madden is looking for ways for to avoid a curse and have fans vote on the player to be placed on the cover in a March Madness style bracket system. And guess who is one of the athletes to be considered? Mr. Michael Vick.

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In the Madden Cover Vote contest, there are 32 players to vote on including Maurice Jones-Drew, Mark Sanchez, Andre Johnson, Jesus Tim Tebow and even “The 12th Man”.  

But what would be more fun than to have as many fans as possible vote for Michael Vick?

Yes, of course the man made a huge mistake to which some say is unforgivable. That’s fine, but in this country, double jeopardy is illegal and once you serve your time and face your punishment, you are allowed to move on in your life in a positive direction. Which Vick has done.

And now we as fans have a chance to do something to piss PETA off by voting Vick onto the cover of Madden. While we could vote someone one who has never graced the cover, there really is no fun in that at all.

You can vote on ESPN’s site here which each ending on these dates:

  • Opening Round: March 21-27
  • Second Round: March 28-April 3
  • Third Round: April 4-10
  • Semifinals: April 11-17
  • Finals: April 18-26

Winners of each round will be announced on SportsNation, who will also be holding interviews with some of the players.

Out all the times PETA has pissed you off, you can take 5 minutes to do your duty as an American citizen. Or if you absolutely hate Vick and refuse to vote for him, you can always vote for the favorite player of your rival team and hope the Madden curse stays intact.

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    It’s certainly a unique experience, though. If you’re ever out in Denver and want to make a regrettable decision, you should check it out. Order the soapapillas; they’re not bad. You might want to come out here soon, however, as Casa Bonita’s holding company filed for bankruptcy.

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