Gator Bowl 2013 Matchup Northwestern. Mississippi State

Want a Chance to Win Gator Bowl Tickets? Just Post Your Favorite Football Memory

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Gator Bowl 2013 Matchup Northwestern. Mississippi State

Most locals around Jacksonville, FL have seen the commercial where the kid on Christmas opens a present, doesn’t really know what it is until he looks closer and see’s the words “Gator Bowl” written on a ticket and immediately jumps for joy that he will be able to attend the New Years Day tradition.

That certainly was a great memory for him and with the help of catering and unique downtown special events venue 927 Events, they want to make this Gator Bowl a special memory for two lucky people by giving away two free tickets and gameday shuttle passes to the Gator Bowl matchup between Northwestern and Mississippi State, just for the readers of GuysGirl!

So what’s the catch?

Simply comment below on your favorite football memory and the person with the best story wins. Easy as pie. And after a winner is chosen, you pick up the tickets from 927 Events on 12/30 and you my friend, are set.

Now you’re probably thinking, what kind of football memory can I list? And the answer is frankly any memory that has had some significance to you. It can be college or pro, if you were a player or cheerleader, young or old…you get the drift.

For me, my favorite football memory is the when the division leading Indianapolis Colts came to town to face off against the Jaguars. It was a nail biter of a game that came down to one last play. And that’s when Scobee Bryant, aka Jags clutch kicker Josh Scobee stepped onto the field to attempt a kick that most others miss at 51 yards. My seats line up right where the goal post is at, so as soon as I saw the ball float in between the field goal post, our side of the stadium literally jumped for joy a second before the rest of the stadium knew. It felt like we had just won the Superbowl. That game is also the reason that no matter what the record is, there is nothing that compares to seeing a football game live and why I haven’t missed a game in years.

Football creates memories for all of us, so whether you are a Northwestern, Mississippi State or just a football fan in general, comment below of your favorite football memory and you could win!



This contest is proudly brought to you by 927 Events. Jacksonville’s incredible caterer and most unique event/meeting venue downtown. Be sure to check them out for all of your Gator Bowl needs!

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4 Responses to Want a Chance to Win Gator Bowl Tickets? Just Post Your Favorite Football Memory

  1. ridger84 says:

    When I was 17 years old, my Dad took me to a NFL pre-season game at Wake Forest in Winston Salem, NC. We drove from Roanoke, VA and I was full of anticipation. You see, we were going to see Joe Namath and the Jets play Joe Kapp and the Vikings. Well, back then, they played pre-season to win as if it were regular season. It was my first ever chance to watch the NFL in person. Namath kept throwing to his receiver, George Sauer, and George kept dropping passes. My Dad said, he’s going to keep going to him until he catches it. Believe it or not, it was a back and forth battle and late in the game, Namath threw to Sauers in the end zone for the game winning score. Needless to say, I was already a huge Namath fan being such a young man, but became a long term fan after seeing how Joe Willie Whiteshoes never gave up on a receiver he had total trust, no matter the kind of day he was having. 
    I tell people all the time, if you can afford to go see the Jaguars, buy some tickets and take your kids. If you do, they will never forget the thrill like I had that day after traveling for hours to see the game. Most of us in Jacksonville only have to drive a few minutes to create such memories with our kids.

  2. keiteay says:

    Last year’s Champs Sports Bowl, FSU-Notre Dame… I got one of the last tickets available on the FSU sideline, literally on the last row of the upper deck, about four hours before kickoff. I got to the stadium with about 20 minutes to spare, met up with a friend who was working in the concession stands that day (went down for free food on two occasions), and made it to my seat just in time for kickoff. It was the first sellout crowd I’d ever seen at the Citrus Bowl, and the atmosphere was unbelievable from the get-go. The Noles were down 14-0, but had crawled to within 5 after a touchdown to start the 4th qtr. Then Bradham picked off Tommy Rees on ND’s next possession… it happened directly in front of where I was sitting (albeit about a mile below), and I became convinced right then and there that we’d win the game that night. Two plays later, the Noles took the lead on Manuel’s second TD pass of the night. Our D took care of the rest, and FSU won in Orlando for the 2nd time in 4 years, both of which I was fortunate enough to see.
    It was the first football game I’d gone to by myself, but also by far the most memorable one.

  3. DamonThomas says:

    As my sophomore season of high school football (in rural west coast FL) was winding down we had a sad 2-7 record.  The previous 1-9 season was followed by a year of hard work  to improve the results only slightly.  We were scheduled to end the season at home against a non-district team that had already won their way into the playoffs.   We arrived at practice on Monday expecting to see film but there was just a newspaper taped to the wall.  The regional newspaper (Gainesville Sun) had picked up the story of how our upcoming opponent’s QB needed just 180 yards to set his school record for career passing yardage.  The coach just told us we were going into the game with one goal.. not to be a footnote in someone’s record book. Not to be the team that let this guy set a record.   We spent the game dropping 5, 6 and sometimes 7 DBs and held him to just over 160 yards passing and won the game 19-16.  It wasn’t exactly Rudy and didn’t inspire any sort of program resurgence like this always seems to do in movies but we walked off the field with a bit of pride.

  4. GuysGirl says:

    @keiteay For going to a football game alone, that shows some dedication and takes you over the top of the other great stories. Congrats on winning! Email me at to get information on how to pick up your tickets! FYI- just as a reminder the tickets do have to picked up on 12/30 locally in Jacksonville. Congrats again!

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