Sandusky Participates in a Damning Interview with Bob Costas

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by •November 15, 2011 •CollegeComments (0)185

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State Defensive Coordinator who is being investigated for child rape at Penn State participated in probably the most damning interview any of us have ever witnessed.

Last night, Sandusky was interviewed by Bob Costas where he was asked repeatedly about the allegations to which Sandusky admitted to “showering with boys” and that he may have touched their knees.

Besides those two admissions, which his lawyer is an idiot for even letting him do this interview, are damning enough but when Costas asked Sandusky repeated if he was attracted to young boys, it took him 17, read SEVENTEEN seconds, to respond to the question after he himself repeated it.

It’s a damning interview that at the VERY least, proves inappropriate actions happened, if not his complete and disgusting guilt in the whole scandal.

Watch the full interview below and judge for yourself….

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