Winter Meetings Wrapup

Miss Baseball Yet? Winter Meetings Wrapup

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 Written by GuysGirl’s newest addition Lisa Anh Chung

Winter Meetings Wrapup

Even though there are still five more months until opening day of the 2013 baseball season, there was one more event left. Winter Meetings which took place in Nashville Tennessee this year. This is  where all of the general managers of each team gather and try to bring home the prize winning player!

Let’s do a recap on all the deals and trades that has happened the last couple of days and see who came out a winner and who went home with nothing.

The team that did the best at the Winter Meetings would probably be the San Francisco Giants. They resigned center fielder Angel Pagan for a four year 40 million dollar contract, they also resigned Marco Scutaro on a three year 20 million dollar contract.

Before the winter meetings the Giants resigned their relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt for 18 million for three years and did a good job resigning all the players they needed to. The Giants really don’t need any positions filled so just like the saying goes “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” that’s exactly what they did.

The second trade that happened within the last couple of hours was the Minnesota Twins and Philadelphia Phillies Trade.

The Phillies traded two of their pitchers Vance Worley and pitching prospect Trevor May for center fielder Ben Revere. It is too early to say who the winner of this trade is until the season actually starts.

Both teams were desperate to fill the positions needed, the Twins needed pitchers and the Phillies needed a center fielder to. Worley and May are both very young pitchers who will be even better I believe in years to come.

Even though Worley did have an off year with 6 wins and 9 losses, lets not forget he was rookie of the year in 2011 with 11 wins and 3 losses, and he is only 25. Ben Revere on the other hand he has that extra speed the Phillies need. Last year Revere batted .294 with 40 stolen bases in 124 games.

Another prize that the Philadelphia Phillies picked up was Michael Young of the Texas Rangers.. BUT Young has full no trade rights meaning he needs to okay the deal of being traded before anything can happen. I say he should do it because if not, the Texas Rangers next season were basically going to bench him after last years performance. Young had his worse year in 2012 batting it .277 with eight homeruns, and  67 RBIs. The Phillies are hoping that Young has a comeback year in 2013 if he Okays the deal.

The biggest surprise about the winter meetings was probably how the big named players like BJ Upton, Josh Hamilton, and Zack Grienke and R.A Dickey did not get any offers.

Let’s start with R.A Dickey, 2012 Cy Young winner, back to back one hitters, 20 wins and 6 losses automatic new contract right? Wrong, The New York Mets treated Dickey as if he was a virus. They want to trade R.A Dickey  in return for a younger more dominant player. The New York Mets don’t believe that Dickey who will be 38 years old this upcoming season will have another 20 win season and that scares them to give him an extension. R.A Dickey has proven  that he could be great. There have been lots of pitchers who have won 15 plus wins at 36 years old, for example Tim Wakefield with 18 wins at 41. The Mets need to secure a deal for Dickey and they need to do it soon than later.

Going into the Winter Meetings the big names like Josh Hamilton, and Zack Grienke  were the talk of the town even before the meetings started. Three days later and still they are the center of every conversation this time well not in a good way. The last day of the winter meetings and no teams have signed any of them.

Sources say that the Seattle Mariners are very much interested in Josh Hamilton. The real question is will Hamilton be a good fit there?

My answer is no. Josh Hamilton needs other stars then himself, he needs a good playing squad. If he went to Seattle he would be the only big named player the Mariners have. He just fits in with Texas and that’s where he should stay.

As for Zack Grienke he has two teams fighting over him; The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Texas Rangers.Sources said that the Dodgers are the number one choice for Grienke but that doesn’t mean that the Rangers are completely out of this race for him.

Last but not least the smaller deals that happened during the winter meetings

  • BJ Upton signed with the Atlanta Braves, 5 years for 75 million dollars.
  • Dan Haran signed with the Nationals 1 year for 13 million.
  • Mike Napoli signed with the Red Sox 3 years for 39 million.
  • Shane Victorino signed with the Red Sox also 3 years for 39 million.

But wait a minute….all this trade talk and whose going to what teams but we haven’t heard anything from a team that is always in the spot light… The New York Yankees.

The only sound they were making were cricket noises.

The only thing they did do was offer former Redsox Kevin Youkilis a one year deal for 12 million dollars to take Alex Rodriguez’s place.

Arod who is expected to be out until the the beginning of june because of Hip surgery. This is what Brian Cashman had to say about why the Yankees were not spending a lot in the winter meetings ” “We have to constantly remind ourselves that we have a lot of talent, and that allows us to be patient — and that patience has helped us a great deal the last number of years. That patience has gotten us a number of players. Our pro scouting department has done a tremendous job of time on short-term January signings, and we’ve benefited from that, so I’m not afraid of January. I’m not afraid of February.”

After reviewing all the trades and seeing how many players will be playing with new teams next season , this makes me even more excited to see how the 2013 season will play out.

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