MLB Female Fan Series: Chicago Cubs

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by • February 24, 2012 • Now THAT's a GuysGirlComments (0)78

Now that the NFL season is over, it’s time to focus on America’s pastime, the MLB season! And this year, we are featuring all the die hard female fans that support their team through 162 games, hot weather, heated rivalries and good old fashioned baseball traditions.

During the series we will feature women for every franchise and their stories on how they became a baseball fan, who their hated rivals are, what their favorite food at the ballpark etc etc…. Ladies are chosen simply by contacting us (email link) and answering a few questions on why they fell in love with the great game of baseball and we get to share in someone else’s baseball traditions that could the same as our own.

Next up is avid Chicago sports fan Silvia Delgado. She follows all the major sports and you can see her on Twitter spouting off lineups and stats faster than more than half the guys on Twitter. She was also the first person to ever receive a giveaway on GuysGirl so she’s been a reader for quite a while. 

Hit the title/read more to see how Silvia became a die hard Cubs fan….

Name: Silvia Delgado
Location: Chicago
Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs
Twitter: @silvia_delgado

How long have you been a baseball fan?
Since I was 10 or 11

Where did your initial love for baseball come from?

My father would take me and my sister to games when we were young and I really enjoyed myself.


What is single most thing you look forward to while at a baseball game?

Everything! I love everything about attending a baseball game.


What is your favorite food at the ball park?



What is your favorite MLB tradition?

Well since I am a Cubs fan it is definitely singing the 7th inning stretch


What team do you hate the most?

The Cardinals


Which team has the worst fans?

Speaking from experience, The Red Sox


What is your favorite memory at a baseball game or about baseball in general?

When the Cubs were playing against the Brewers up in Milwaukee a few years ago and my Cubbies won it in extras, it was a very fun night.


Could you ever date someone who was an avid fan of your hated rival?

Yes I could see that happening, as they say opposites attract. Some rivalry could be fun in a relationship


When people ask “How can you watch baseball? It’s so boring!”, what do you say to them?

I usually say “well you probably don’t understand the sport and can’t follow along” because that’s exactly what I used to think when I was a kid.


Big thanks to Silvia for answering our questions on the backstory of being a baseball fan. We all have a certain way we fell in love with the game and this is just one story of many more to come.


Are you interested in being featured as one of our MLB Female Fans?

Just send us an email and tell us what team you want to represent. It’s that easy. All teams needed!


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