Hope Solo Marries Jerramy Stevens

Hope Solo is Batsh*t Crazy

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Hope Solo Marries Jerramy Stevens

Hope Solo, the gorgeous goalie for the US National Soccer team is known for athletic talent as well as being a person who isn’t exactly afraid to say what’s on her mind.

So I would wonder what she would have to say to someone on her team that did the following:

“Meets quasi-known former Tight End in the NFL¬†Jerramy Stevens, dates him for two months and then gets engaged to him. Said guy gets arrested earlier in the week after allegedly assaulting his finance’ on where the couple would live.”

Sounds like the engagement is going smoothly? I would assume Hope would tell her teammate to GTFO while she still can.

But instead, Hope does what any sane, logically thinking woman would do. She marries the guy shotgun-wedding style just two days after he was arrested on a Tuesday night.

No part of this “love story” makes sense. Even without the “alleged abuse”. Obviously Hope should have thought this entire process out before every dating, getting engaged and obviously marrying this “stellar catch”.

But with that said, I begrudgingly say “I wish you two ****crazy***** kids the best”.




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2 Responses to Hope Solo is Batsh*t Crazy

  1. keiteay says:

    Is there really any chance that this marriage lasts longer than the one between Kim K and Humphries?

  2. GuysGirl says:

    @keiteay Doubtful. I say the over/under should be set at 30 days

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