Every NFL Fan's Girlfriend Video

Hilarious “Every NFL Fan’s Girlfriend” Video

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by •December 4, 2012 •GG Favs, GuysGirl, NFLComments (1)675

Every NFL Fan's Girlfriend Video

The guy who makes “Every NFL Fan” team videos where he portrays common and often funny stereotypes from each team has just released the first female version and dubbed it “Every Fan’s Girlfriend”.

While I’m not crazy about the title of the new series, the quick impressions of each team range from the die hard fans to the ones who could care less. And it’s pretty incredible. My personal favorite is the New Orleans Saints impression where she’s wearing about 20 sets of beads and says “I told you, I found these [beeds] at the tailgate!”

Watch the video below and let us know your favorite in the comments

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this video is hilarious @greatmonkeysuit