disney teaches terrible lessons to children

Does Disney Teach Terrible Lessons?

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When you are a child, Disney movies capture your attention like a moth to a flame. But as an adult, sometimes you watch these “children’s movies” to realize that many jokes and situations are for children at all. In a recent episode of Cracked After Hours, they debate on the terrible lessons Disney taught to children that they never realized until they were adult enough to comprehend it all.

disney teaches terrible lessons to children

The video starts off with everyone’s favorite debate talk when it comes to Disney, race. The obvious draw is back to the movies like Dumbo where a giant talking black bird is named Jim Crow and in the Jungle Book where the “monkeys just want to be seen as real people”.

As a white kid, I never even noticed that growing up but seeing it today does border on the offensive, even for me. But one focus the video centers around is the notion that if you are pretty woman, don’t speak and don’t make any decisions on your own, you are pretty much set for life and it’s only a matter of time before a handsome, rich Prince will come awake you by kissing what looks to be a sleeping dead chick.

Seems legit.

As with most of the After Hours debate (TMNT Personalities, D-bag Mario and Jerk Batman) the debates are always interesting and pretty funny to watch.

Take a gander below and see if you noticed or even thought about some of the clever points they make.

What do you think? Does Disney teach our kids terrible lessons? Let us know in the comments….

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  1. Macurworld says:

    @GuysGirl Yeah but there sitcoms, I have more of a problem with not the outdated movies

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