Concept Art of New Wii 2 Makes Us Dream of a PS4 & Xbox 720

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In the past year, gaming giants Sony and Microsoft decided to price cut their consoles due to the tremendous drop in sales. It would only be a matter of time before conspirators start to distribute concept art for the next round of consoles that could easily come in the next few years. And just this past week, Nintendo decided to get the ball rolling on the new consoles by announcing they will be debuting a playable Wii 2 at E3. This has to signal at least the idea of new consoles for the other big two.

Though no one will know for quite some time what the gaming world has in store next but its always fun to speculate. Which is why concept artists are hard at work to create what they think the next generation of gaming will look like.

Based on the images below, the new Wii could either scare me or bore me at the same time while the Xbox 720 looks like a fancy frisbee. I have to say however that I’m really digging the PS4 concept art and looks the most conceivable.

Hit the title/read more to see the more concept art for the PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii 2…

ps4 game console design


PS4 Concept Art (the above image as well) 

Via: PS3Maven

Xbox 720 Concept Art

xbox 720 game console design


Via: XboxFreedom


Wii 2 Concept Art


Via: Gameblurb & 3DSBuzz

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