The Hobbit is Here

The Hobbit is Finally Here

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The Hobbit is Here

We did it folks. After endless amounts of delays, new directors, strikes, changing from two movies to three, we survived it all to get to the day that we get to see Peter Jackson’s Hobbit.

Ok, so technically it’s not “today” as in Thursday, but most fans bought a ticket for the 12:01 Friday am showing and are all getting ready to head to the theaters on Thursday night to see a movie most of us have been waiting a lifetime to see.

While the people lucky enough to be granted with press passes have already seen the movie, I have not and will join the rest of the fans at 12:01am (after a Denny’s stop of course) to take part in the frenzy and experience it all with Tolkien freaks. Already sounds exhilarating!


Anyone else headed out for the midnight shows? And if so, did you choose the standard format of 24fps or did you op for the fancy new 48fps?

Personally I opted for 48fps in 3D because I plan on seeing the movie repeatedly in multiple formats but I wanted to start off with the way Peter Jackson intended us all to see it. But I’m curious as to how other fans plan on “poppin’ their cherry’s”…




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