best ghost girl prank elevator

Best Prank Ever: Ghostly Girl Scares People on the Elevator

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best ghost girl prank elevator

A tv show in Brazil may have gone ahead and created the best prank ever while also exposing themselves to a slew of lawsuits by those who suffer a heart attack while on the show.

The way the prank works is the victims are placed into an elevator with a fake door. During the elevator ride (equipped with hidden cameras of course) the power turns off, lights start to flicker and then turn completely off. That’s when a little girl who looks like an extra from The Ring sneaks through the fake door and when the lights come back on, she just stares at the poor people in the elevator and then lets out a terrifying scream.

She does this a few times (sneaking in and out of the elevator as the lights flicker) and all you can do is just  feel so terrible for these poor people!

As someone who cries and just covers their eyes while watching scary movies,  I would probably do as the blonde chick does and cower in the corner crying until I realize it’s all a cruel, cruel joke.

Then I would sue the crap out of that game show for making me refuse to ride in an elevator ever again.

Watch the video below of what either is the best prank ever or will give you a trip to the doc to get a stress test performed…

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3 Responses to Best Prank Ever: Ghostly Girl Scares People on the Elevator

  1. GuysGirl says:

    @austinkaustin10 lol I was crying while watching I was so scared!

  2. GuysGirl says:

    @austinkaustin10 I wouldn’t even run away like the last guy. I would just sit in the corner and cry until my inevitable fate

  3. GuysGirl says:

    @austinkaustin10 haha pretty much! That’s why I don’t do those zombie 5ks. I would just curl up and cry if they ran at me. “I GIVE UP!” lol

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