20+ Gaming Pumpkins to Inspire You

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Replace that boring old pumpkin carving style to something you really like, video games!

I am a big believer in that you are never too old to carve out a pumpkin with an icecream scoop that is filled with a gooey mess I wouldn’t touch with bare hands. But once said pumpkin is cleaned out, how and what do you carve on your pumpkin you just spent 2 hours cleaning out?

Well if you are skilled enough or you like to cheat and use patterns (not judging, jus’ sayin) then there are some pretty impressive things you can create using just a knife and the pumpkin as your canvas.

Though I will never be this skilled at carving out pumpkins, these artists really go the extra mile. Check out the imagination and patience it took to carve some of these things out!

Hit the title/read more to check all the awesome gaming inspired pumpkin carvings…


Console Pumpkins


playstation pumpkin face

playstation controller buttons pumpkin carving

Flovvie, Arandal

Xbox Pumpkin

xbox logo pumpkin faces


Red Ring of Death

red ring of death pumpkin carving

xbox 360 power pumpkin carving

Penner42 and DG Flickr

Wii Pumpkins

wii pumpkin

nintendo wii pumpkin carving

wii console pumpkin carving

Octouber, Ethan S J Smith and Scottfidd

Game Pumpkins


Zelda Pumpkins

DSC_9536 copy by rodbotic.
Shiny by chrisfurniss.

rodbotic and chrisfurniss

Mario Brothers Pumpkins

Mario by mathowie.
it's mario! by Rakka.
Goomba Pumpkin by nitro404.
My Princess Peach Pumpkin by Iridescent Raine.
1-UP by bert_m_b.
DSC07072 by BluePail.

mathowie, Rakka, bert_m_b, BluePail  and Iridescent Raine

Tetris Pumpkins

cool tetris pumpkin face

tetris game pumpkin carving

LibertyandVigilance and jwyeary the game comes

Pacman Pumpkins

cool pacman pumpkin face

pacman game pumpkin

KillBox, ScottVQC and Mrboma.

Halo Pumpkins

halo 3 pumpkin blue light

halo xbox 360 pumpkin

GinaMK and Blue Swir

Gears of War Pumpkin

gears of war logo pumpkin


Photos courtesy of of Walyou and Flickr

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