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More Action Packed than Uncharted With the Gore of Mortal Kombat


Ninja Gaiden Creators Reveal Devil's Third,  The Bloody New Shooter From Valhalla

Tonight marks the beginning coverage of a full on E3 week and to kick things off, Spike TV debuted an E3 Special in which they are are already featuring new trailers and games that are blowing my mind.

Enter Devils Third: what looks like a more action packed Uncharted with the violence of Mortal Kombat comes out of the woodwork from legendary creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

From Kotaku:

“The team responsible for the bloody action of Ninja Gaiden and the blistering head-to-head combat of the Dead or Alive fighting game series is taking its shot at shooters with Devil’s Third, coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game’s debut trailer gives players a look at Valhalla Game Studios’ stab at multiplayer combat, a mix of brutal melee attacks, high-powered gunplay and vicious weapon-based kills. The ex-Team Ninja veterans are building Devil’s Third with both multiplayer and single-player in mind.”

Hit the title/read more to watch the trailer….

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