Peter Jackson Talks 3D in New Video From The Hobbit

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by • November 4, 2011 • Movies, TV & CartoonsComments (0)79

In a new production released by Peter Jackson and his team filming the Hobbit, Jackson speaks on the added level of detail that fans will get to enjoy by shooting the movie in ways LOTR fans could only dream.

As with most Hollywood today, 3D is a huge part of the movie process. Whether that is for better or worse remains to be determined, it should make Tolkien fans who are anxious for anything Hobbit news to feel at east knowing Peter Jackson is at the helm.

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In the video, Jackson explains a new 3D shooting system while filming the Hobbit where they take the standard system of using  2 cameras but use a mirror system that allows them to shoot in close up settings.

Sir Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood are both shown in the video watching the movie they are filming in 3D but whats especially awesome is that you can see numerous characters in full costume.

Jackson goes on to explain that he wishes he could have filmed LOTR in 3D, a series of 3D pictures were indeed taken while filming LOTR in which he hopes to release soon. Most likely part of some special edition DVD release or an added feature to the dvd release of the Hobbit.

They have so many different cameras used for different shots so much so that it actually makes me excited to see a 3D movie.

The movie is also being shot at 48 frames per second which is twice the normal rate movies today are being filmed. Viewers who have seen the film have said “its like watching a movie in the theaters where the screen has been cut out to reveal a real world”

With the 3D element added along with shooting at 48 frames per second means the set designs, costumes and makeup/prosthetics department has to be on point. Fabrics that were used while filming LOTR are considered “too bold” for the new shooting style, new makeup techniques were created so that the characters face blends in normally while filming and even Gandalf has to use several different kinds of wigs to create the proper “flow”.

But while camera technological shooting advancements are something to the likes we have never seen, the artists and visionaries for the movie still keep the time honored 2D aspect by sketching out every major scene on paper to ensure they keep the integrity of the franchise.

Something new they did add however was creating several of the same sketches in red and blue and then use the standard 3D glasses to make sure the artwork is on point. Its the first time in movie history that the 3D concept art is created before the 3D scenes are shot.

Peter Jackson took a tremendous amount of care and vision to film LOTR and its simply astounding to see him take a step above that to ensure The Hobbit is everything the fans have dreamed of.

Let’s start the countdown clock now until December 2012!

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